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  1. Evans Brothers Leave Central

    Bottom line Central couldnt wait to get them out that is probably why they didnt hesitate to sign the release, and without a coach hired dad probably didnt know if he would be on the sidelines. Is it possible Coach Manners is thinking about mainly one game for the next few years.
  2. Evans Brothers Leave Central

    good out of the SIAC and now Princeton and the Big 8 problem and I do mean problem. One sentance in the article sums it up. “Has to sit out the first game for getting thrown out of Centrals last game”.
  3. I see where the South Spencer job came open. Any thoughts on the route they will try to take. I see this job as being a little like the GS job when it came open. Alot of talent in that school just need kids to buy into the program. There was football sucess there before, just need the right hire. Alot of good young coaches around.
  4. PAC All Conference

    Will teams finally get some payback this next year when they play GS. They have to be way down next season. Especially at QB. Would have to think they will come back to the pack(no pun intended) next year. Not real familiar with there lower levels.
  5. Central vs East Central

    What Central fans and team had no idea of what they were in for playing EC, since this was only about their second regional they have played in. Past Reitz teams and fans knew exactly what they were in for. I have watched EC play Reitz in the regional since the late 80's. The SIAC is a good conference but there is no team in the SIAC year in and year out as physical as EC. They will battle you till the whistle blows and if you don't keep your composure they will get in your heads, just like they did last night. With Central being the worst disciplined team I have ever seen in the SIAC it reared it's ugly head last night. Bottom line the long drive had nothing to do with Central getting beat last night. They would have gotten the 5 or 6 unsportsmanlike penalties if they were just driving the 10 min drive to the westside of Evansville. And to answer the question about Coach Owens being the new AD, this Reitz fan is scratching his head. Central has the most athletic team the SIAC has seen in a long time and maybe forever but there is a black mark on their program right now after their antics from this year. Just one persons opinion.
  6. You evidently know more about EM but I only seen two players that played the whole game on both sides of the ball. The one Combs kid and maybe #17. #45 played some offense but not very many plays and also maybe #24 did the same, but I don't normally look at things like that. If that is what you are meaning then I did notice GS in certain situations had a couple offensive starters come in on D but only a few times. I feel in 3a most teams do play there kids both ways but that is only out of necessity. Memorial and GS are in a little different situation, each have about 70 players which is 25 to 30 more players than most 3A teams at least in southwest IN. Dont think two starters would have made a difference in this game. Three less turnovers by GS may have made a difference.
  7. People on here are talking like a team like GS cant compete in 3A with mighty Memorial is everybody forgetting that GS has made three semi states in six years all under Hart and all three years they beat Memorial. I have seen several of Memorials lower level teams play and after next year they have alot of rebuilding to do. As will alot of SIAC teams will be doing, but what is the outlook for GS. Looks like they are losing alot. Did hear that there will be a freshman in the mix at QB.
  8. I think you have your definitions if adjustments and gameplan confused. The 2 catches by the D1 receiver was a gameplan not an adjustment made during the game. Same with Combs, focal point all year, that my fried is not adjustments that is game planning and execution. Good game played by two good teams.
  9. I was at the game and did not see any adjustment by Memorial that they didnt do the whole game. That game didnt come down to adjustments as it did execution and field position which had nothing to do with adjustments and everything to do with execution and for the most part Memorial had the advantage. Not having a dog in the fight I thought both teams gave it everything they had even with that GS had a chance just didnt execute. Good chance of seeing this matchup next year.
  10. Circus at Evansville Central

    This is who we chose to lead our EVSC athletics programs. Central best talent in the city, worst disaplined team probably in the state. Reflection of their leadership. Total blame should go to the staff. Been like this for years.
  11. Wouldnt underestimate the speed of GS defence. When Sckenk was at Princeton he had alot more team speed on offence last year and GS managed to do pretty well. Two keys for NP. 1) establish a couple other go to guys to take the focus off Stewart 2) how many two way players NP has, GS I believe has 0 and they will ware you down if you let them get their offense rolling.
  12. Anyone in the SIAC suffer any significant injuries last week.
  13. PAC 2017

    Coach West was my sons Freshman Coach at Reitz and he loved playing for him. That was back in 2009. Think je was there fir about 3 or 4 years.
  14. PAC 2017

    Putting a good staff together is very important. Adding coaches that have been around winning programs as a coach or a player,is key. Probably sound bias with a username that includes the name REITZ in it but look at three coaches in the area and what they have done. Coach Hape at Reitz(a former Reitz player) has a big number of assistants that played at Reitz, and some that have been coaching there for a number of years. Coach Brunson (former Reitz player, had two winning seasons and a sectional title at Harrison after no one could win there for years, also had a handfull of assistants that played or coached at Reitz. He is now at Mt. Vernon and will have a few former Reitz assistants and players on his staff. Then there is Coach Hart, another former Reitz player and coach now Head Coach at Gibson Southern for the past five years has I believe two former Reitz players and assistant coaches, one that was an assistant coach at Reitz when Coach Hart played there and also has or had a former Mt. Carmel player(a winning program) on his staff as DC. Now he has some of his former players helping with the younger kids. I know other coaches around the area are building good staffs but I am just alittle bias when it comes to the Big Blue.