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  1. Vouchers do not favor one religion over another. That's part of it. In fact, vouchers can be used to send a child to a non-religious private school as long as that school meets the state requirements.
  2. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-religion-motto/us-court-rejects-atheists-appeal-over-in-god-we-trust-on-money-idUSKCN1LD24K There is a thing called Google.
  3. Again, Bill Parcells and Mike Ditka were two of the first to get bathed in Gatorade. While the Big Tuna never played in the NFL, Mr. Ditka did...for Tom Landry.
  4. Bill Parcells is a bro coach? I believe the 1986 Giants invented the Gatorade bath...or at least popularized it. My dad was the coach at Avon in the 60's. They threw him in the shower fully clothed when they beat Plainfield. "Bro" era then! I stand corrected. https://latimesblogs.latimes.com/sports_blog/2011/09/did-the-new-york-giants-originate-the-gatorade-shower.html It was the 1984 Bears and that "bro coach" Mike Ditka. Also, you probably shouldn't be shoving your kids no matter how old school you are in 2018.
  5. There have been a handful of others that have won multiple titles at the highest levels. Coach West and Coach Mo I believe are the only two current and active ones...and Coach West is the only one still coaching in the highest level.
  6. LOL. Don't be embarrassed!
  7. BDGiant93

    DOE Enrollments

    I meant from an alignment perspective. Just crap shooting here, I have...based on the numbers... 1-Crown Point, Portage, Merrillville, Lake Central 2-Penn, Valpo, Chesterton, Warsaw 3-Homestead, Carroll, Fishers, HSE 4-Lafayette Jeff, Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield 5-Pike, Ben Davis, Avon, Brownsburg 6-Noblesville, North Central, Lawrence North, Lawrence Central 7-Tech, Perry, Southport, Warren 8-Franklin Central, Center Grove, Columbus North, Columbus East (4-5-6 could slide a number of ways)
  8. He also did it at two different schools. Dick Dullaghan would be the leader in that category with 1 in 3A (largest in '78) and 7 in 5A at BD.
  9. BDGiant93

    DOE Enrollments

    Zionsville moving into 6A sure makes things interesting. Maybe that would send Fishers and HSE to Fort Wayne with Homestead and Carroll for Sectional.
  10. Well then West's 1st would have been 5A at LC.
  11. Mo Moriarty has three in 5A (which at that time was the highest class). Coach Kirschner has 2 in 6A.
  12. Coach Sheib does a nice job paired with Mark Jaynes or with Rake. I've worked with Jason Simmons a number of times on the air, and I'd recommend him in the future (of course if the Giants aren't playing on the weekend).
  13. Hmm... Warren '06 BD '17 BD '91 BD '01 BD '88