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  1. Who has been the surprise in the Hoosier this year? What player has stood out that was not noticed last year?
  2. Very interesting why a team would want to keep playing when they are down that much. Should the other team say it is ok? We can call it a game. I am wondering what would the outcome be. West Lafayette should have been declared the winner if they did not wish to keep playing Benton Central? Do both coaches have to agree to keep playing?
  3. Here is the state Mercy Rule. Rules and Procedures 1. Beginning with the second half of any high school football game, when the point differential between teams is at or reaches 35 points, the game clock shall convert to a running clock. A running clock is defined as a clock that does not stop during play with the exception of timeouts, scores and/or injuries. 2. Once the running clock is implemented, the clock may not revert back to standard timing protocols regardless of the score of the contest. 3. The 40 second play clock shall remain in effect throughout the contest. 4. Coaches do not have the ability to override the implementation of the Mercy Rule during a contest. The Referee shall notify the head coach of each school when the Mercy Rule goes into effect. The home team is responsible for notifying timing personnel of the running clock
  4. 2 Point Games Central Catholic @ Guerin Catholic Cass @ Maconoquah McCutcheon @ West Lafayette North Montgomery @ Hamilton Heights Northwestern @ Twin Lakes Tipton @ Elwood Western Boone @ Western 3 Point Games Benton Central @ Seeger North White @ Frontier Lafayette Jeff @ Lawrence Central Delphi @ Carroll 4 Point Game Rensselaer @ North Newton
  5. Thank you Bomber Nation. Football is a family. We love all of our family. I know that the Bomber nation did a masterful job in the Military appreciation night. I hope that other schools throughout the state follow your lead and example.
  6. What do you truly want your players to learn from football? What are some things do you want them your players to truly understand about what football gives them?
  7. Benton Central @ Delphi Eastern Hancock @ Northwestern Hamilton Heights @ Eastern Hancock Cass @ Pioneer Madison Grant @ Tipton Twin Lakes @ Western West Lafayette @ Lafayette Jeff Guerin Catholic @ McCutcheon Carroll @ Tri-County Taylor @ North White South Vermillion @ Covington Frankfort @ Clinton Central 3 POINTS EACH Kankakee Valley @ Rensselaer Central Catholic @ Tri-West
  8. My daughter was told that by our HS volleyball coach. She was cut here sophomore hear because she was not on a travel volleyball team. She did 4-things and enjoyed being a kid. My question is if you truly have a freak of an athlete would you allow them to play if they did not participate in all the summer stuff with AAU/Travel? I was told you can not make summer workouts mandatory for football.
  9. I have coached for a few years. I think it is very important for the kids to get away from the school and the coaches. Some conferences even have a dead week before the official IHSAA practice start date. I think that is a great idea. We do forget sometimes that some players even the great ones do not love football like their coaches. They need a break. I do feel the AAU/Travel teams seem to gotten out of hand. When coaches say to a player if you are not on a travel/AAU team then you are not on the school team is wrong. I do know that is happening in the state.
  10. Your answer should not be WIN. Truly what is your number 1 goal for your team?
  11. Here is the big question. Do Indiana High school football teams for fall 2019 now need two a days?
  12. What is one thing you want to change in your team for the 2019 season? Wins do not count.
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