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  1. Any word on "All Conference" / "All-State" selections for the conference? Interested to see what other coaches thought of other teams players.
  2. Lewis Cass at Southwood on Saturday at 7 PM
  3. I read that same article. My best guess is that they will be able to play. Kind of a wait and see approach, and this may be how the entire year looks.
  4. And make that two more teams from Sectional 34 meet in week one when Pioneer plays at Lewis Cass. Again, this could be an interesting match-up to start the season.
  5. I've heard that the IHSAA does have a backup plan. They call it the HYBRID schedule. Winter sports would play from January to end of February. Fall sports would play from March to end of April. Spring sports would play from May to end of June. Not sure about required number of practices before first game. That may still need to be determined.
  6. No way that is happening around here. They have been socializing for a couple months now.
  7. IHSAA has an email out including Chain Gangs. I just says that they can wear gloves and a mask if they choose. Advises them to sanitize their hands routinely if not wearing gloves. As they are an extension of the officiating crew, I believe they are to follow the same general guidelines that as the officials.
  8. I also agree with Coach Nowlin. Coaches and teams continue to put in hard work to get better. Best thing we can do is support them and do our part.
  9. If this sport activity is supposed to be about the kids playing the sport, and not for the adults, should they not be asked how they feel about this? Now, we are dealing with 15 to 18 year olds who have not fully matured, but has anyone even asked any of them what they want? I know that my 18 year old just wants a football season, and he says any kind of season, whether it be shortened, chopped up, or opponent changes as they go along. And, like many others have said, these young men have been socializing for a number of weeks now.
  10. I may be open to work on Saturdays if games get moved. I'll be telling guys in my association that I will be available as long as Lewis Cass is not playing on that date.
  11. I would like to hear more about the West. Looks to be a three horse race with totally different styles of play.
  12. Sounds like a great start! Only heard of one school, Mater Dei, have to postpone the start of workouts. Read on another thread they had some kids test positive, so they decided to postpone one week. It sounds like they made a good call, based on their information. Continued "good luck" to all schools on their re-entry into High School sports activities. Please continue to pray for all of them.
  13. Does anyone know of any issues on Day 1 of conditioning/lifting? Let's pray for all those attending these workouts and those that are supervising them.
  14. Bobref - I have to agree with you. If anyone is believing that this virus will not affect their team during this season, then I think they may be disappointed. We truly are trying to find the tipping point with this thing.
  15. Irishman, thanks for the information. I will have to check out the youtube IFCA Video Conference. I really hope this goes well and we play a lot of Football this fall!
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