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  1. I was curious also why the thread was taken down. One of the Indy news stations has the story on their FB. Many of the posts are quite raunchy against both coach and the victim. So social media such as this site and news media FB responses are subject to law suits? I agree we are here to promote football etc. Just curious.
  2. Enjoyed coaching against, and with Coach. Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Lafayette =Triple X or Looking for adult brew, excellent menu Tick Tock
  4. Completely agree with you==true, schools only wanting to pay 5 years experience. I have seen this on multiple sights and complaints from teachers and coaches. That is on the schools, not politics. It is an added insult from school corporations to even tell teachers and coaches that's the deal. So it is a double whammy. Where do school corporations even think that this is ok to degrade experienced teachers/coaches by only offering 5 years. Shame on them!! The other problem is that HC's are posting jobs and wanting experienced coaches and the school corporation won't even interview the candidates or work with the HC's unless the candidates have under five years experience or be willing to take a 20,000 pay cut. Again, shame on school corperations
  5. So does one think that the Bronchos level of competition throughout the season will have them prepared to enter the region sectional?
  6. Gonna be a lot of rejoicing and a lot of OMG
  7. The Alliance League will be wrapping it up before baseball gets started. I'm sure most of these athletes have been experiencing "real life" for awhile now as they obviously have not been playing pro ball. Maybe some of them are just happy playing. Sure the dream of the NFL is always there but again, this league allows them the chance to get better. The whole world isn't under contraction as you continually speak. Sounds from the t.v. stations nearly 3 million people watched the games and other streamlined. Fun to continue to watch football for those who love the game.
  8. Anyone watching the San Diego vs. San Antonio game? Thoughts?
  9. Looking forward to more football!
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