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  1. https://www.nwitimes.com/high-school/valparaiso-cancels-football-games-against-crown-point-merrillville-due-to-covid-19/article_e77f9165-2314-5e89-a7d1-d18f41abbecc.html#utm_source=nwitimes.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletter-templates%2Fnews-alert&utm_medium=PostUp&utm_content=d3e9130b50d8d6e9279543c788a76f12c11f1f3f
  2. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/09/raiders-saints-nfl-mask-fines-jon-gruden-sean-payton
  3. Per Tri-County Athletics: Football Scrimmage Canceled The varsity football scrimmage for Saturday has been canceled. The football team will open up at Carroll on August 21 with a 7:00 kickoff.
  4. cw13

    BIG 10

  5. cw13

    BIG 10

  6. https://onwardstate.com/2020/08/10/report-big-ten-votes-12-2-to-cancel-fall-football-decision-not-final-yet/
  7. Three Pioneer football players have tested positive for COVID-19, Athletic Director John Bingaman confirmed on Thursday night. Bingaman said all three student-athletes are asymptomatic. “We shut things down for football until Wednesday, Aug. 5,” Bingaman said
  8. Indian Creek High School football coach tests positive for COVID-19
  9. unless they changed at the last minute......it is supposed to be in person..........
  10. we can argue all day........the Avon experiment is under way today...........how they do, in person classes.......will gives all an idea as to if in fact the protocols will work........wait and see
  11. Kankakee Valley set to resume prep sports activities Wednesday
  12. as they say in the military.......no plan survives contact with the enemy
  13. but won't we have some guys who do the DIII games looking for work?
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