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  1. https://www.doe.in.gov/sites/default/files/news/june-5-class-document.pdf?utm_content=&utm_medium=email&utm_name=&utm_source=govdelivery&utm_term=
  2. Cases of child inflammatory syndrome possibly linked to coronavirus grow in Indiana, IU Health says Posted: May 22, 2020 / 06:05 AM EDT / Updated: May 22, 2020 / 07:59 AM EDT Editor’s note: The headline was updated to reflect that the inflammatory syndrome is possibly linked to the coronavirus. INDIANAPOLIS — We now know the number of children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome is growing in Indiana. That illness may be linked to COVID-19. The state health department confirmed one case earlier this week, but IU Health now confirms there are multiple cases.
  3. This is an argument that has no end.......both sides have valid points ......its true we all want to get back to normal.......the problem however, in my opinion, is that since March 13th here in Indiana , as well as the United States , there has been no clear cut plans. Everyone wants to make recommendations, but no details ever emerge. Until we have a clear plan, one people can stand by and our leaders be accountable for, the uncertainty of the times will remain.
  4. probably the most frustrating with all this.......is that here are no real plans in place.....just suggestions. we almost will be ending up re-defining what is meant by insanity (doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results) nobody will do the things necessary based upon a suggestion.......can you imagine a teacher handing out homework and saying turn it in if you want.......very few, if any will turn it in! would feel better with a solid plan/policy in place. I guess have to quit watching WW II movies.........just can't imagine Ike telling the troops at Normandy that Omaha beach is just a suggestion! just feels like a fire drill in which we got the kids out of the school because we smelled smoke.......the fire department never arrived.......so now that the building is fully engulfed with fire....let's enter back into the building again. no more prepared than when we left
  5. the craziest thing about considering how we will be re-opening schools and such., ........going back to sports is.....................on March 12th the US had a total of 40 deaths. On March 13th we closed schools and ran out of the schools like it was the end of the world. We cancelled spring sports and graduations. At that time IN had just 12 cases. Now we are talking about going back to normal as the US has hit 92,000+ deaths and the state of Indiana has 1678 deaths and 28705 cases.
  6. to have any success this summer when things open up ,there will have to be a plan and policies in place from the state and the local school administrators......without any, July will look like a scene from "The Lord of the Flies"
  7. General MacArthur once said it best........failure in life and failure in war often boils down to two words........TOO LATE!
  8. The biggest question would be when we get to PHASE 2........schools can re-open, but gatherings can only be 50 people. How does that work when the bell rings in the hallway between classes at schools?........lunch time at schools?........When the day ends at schools? how does that work for fb teams who have large numbers? Even at games with limited fans.....large number teams on both sides will be well over 50.........Lots of variables to figure out yet
  9. Sad sad news. My deepest sympathy to all!!
  10. Again, everyone was just going by the article. Simple as that. Have a great night, stay safe
  11. Thanks Coach, I will be happy to check it out.
  12. Thanks for the additional facts, I will be happy to check them out. Yet it wasn't needed to jump down throats BEFORE the facts were presented. As I said we went by the article. If the article was not correct then clearly it should be edited and the truth told. Til then responses based on what we saw on the article were just that. No one was trying to make themselves feel better. Grow up
  13. dmizers3 quit jumping on everyone's case we are just going by the article. Chill out. Give us the facts please.
  14. Wow, I wonder who else is doing this? Shame on the parents!! Shame on any adult involved with this!! Teens need adult supervision and to let this go on is wrong. Simple as that!!
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