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  1. AnnexationOfPuertoRico

    CIC weekly-ish thread

    A little late, but I meant to get on here after the Blackford vs Frankton game. First off, after watching Brown play in person, you hurt for the kid when you see he struggles to move. Once he is finished growing, hopefully he can gain back some quickness. Nevertheless, still impressed with his ball handling and shooting. As for Frankton, I was extremely impressed with how hard they play and how well they play together. I witnessed multiple times where in a game against an average team, some passes would have gone through, but not against Frankton. The team defense is top notch. Overall, this Frankton team can go far if they can do two things: stay out of foul trouble (refs at Blackford were pretty rough at times, BUT it's a hard job, which is why I don't do it) and limit turnovers. They play excellent team defense, make shots and play harder than any team I've watched all year. As much as I would have preferred a closer game, this game was still very enjoyable, especially the post-game Oreo Mint Chip shake from Ivanhoes.
  2. AnnexationOfPuertoRico


    Not trying to stir the pot, but I was in Bernie's one night (best bar in Madison County by far), and I was told that Oak Hill had (maybe still has) kids who are/were homeschooled? They said that they take a class or two, but are homeschooled for other stuff. Made no sense to me, but is this true? Is it even possible?
  3. AnnexationOfPuertoRico

    2017 Hoosiers

    I'll be in Champaign this weekend. Group of 12 heading over. Look for a bus with flames (not kidding).
  4. AnnexationOfPuertoRico

    2017 Hoosiers

    I think DeBord is the biggest swing and miss. He struggled with SEC talent to work with. Not a good year. I'm putting my hopes in IU playing like they can this weekend and heading to Champaign.
  5. AnnexationOfPuertoRico

    CIC Regional

    I like both CIC teams this week. Eastbrook should have an easier game.
  6. AnnexationOfPuertoRico

    2017-2018 Donation Drive

    Thanks Coach! Gridiron is a must donation each year. Thanks again for the great site!
  7. AnnexationOfPuertoRico

    2017 Hoosiers

    Could very easily be correct, time will tell, but for now, I'll take the fact that Allen seems to at least be doing things the right way. Not saying he is THE guy at all, but an automatic step up from the stories of Kevin Wilson.
  8. AnnexationOfPuertoRico

    Carmel vs Lafayette Jeff

    Will be at this game tonight will others. Hopefully it's a good one. Any predictions?
  9. AnnexationOfPuertoRico


    I'm in. Not sure how the Panthers will look this year, but nothing beats Indiana High School basketball.
  10. AnnexationOfPuertoRico

    2017 Hoosiers

    I always wonder when teams or organizations choose to do an investigation on them self, how often do they find things where more people did wrong than what they had hoped to find. I will always be curious if either of the 2 investigations revealed more wrongdoing than just on Wilson's part. Either way, just from the surface it sounded like the guy needed to go. He is in the role that he needs to be in, offensive coordinator. No more responsibility for everyone. As far as the Hoosiers thus far this season, another tough one to watch. We sold our Wisconsin tickets since we are going to the last 3 games (@ Illinois, vs Rutgers, @ Purdue), but also because I can't take another beat down in person this year. Hopefully the last 3 games go as planned, but my optimism isn't very high.
  11. AnnexationOfPuertoRico

    CIC Sectional Finals

    Gimme Ole Miss by 3 and Eastbrook by 30.
  12. AnnexationOfPuertoRico

    2017 Hoosiers

    Welp, the OSU game is 3 days away. I am unable to attend because of work. I tried to sell my tickets to IU fans to start, but no luck, so they went via StubHub (probably OSU fans). I try to remain an optimistic guy, but the one thing I can't get past....an offensive mind like Kevin Wilson getting to play against a defense he knows a lot about. I have faith and I'll always have hope, but this one takes my optimism down a few pegs. Cheers to those making the trip to Bloomington! We are hoping to take a day trip on Sunday and are gonna hope to find a campus getting over a 3-day bender following the biggest win ever (I'm young, so definitely my "ever")! Go Hoosiers!
  13. AnnexationOfPuertoRico

    2017 Hoosiers

    I'm probably going to be selling mine. I work an hour north of Indy and probably won't work from a timing standpoint.
  14. AnnexationOfPuertoRico

    CIC season openers

    Elwood plays at Scecina again this year. Panthers will have a tough week one.
  15. AnnexationOfPuertoRico


    South Adams x2 winamac Ritter Monrovia