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  1. I think I wasn't clear when I posted. I didn't mean which current coach should get it. I was asking who would be somebody you would make a run at if you were in charge. Maybe you really would just give it to one of the guys there already. Just seems like that could be a prime job. I don't know the current coaches they are probably great guys. One has a nice looking resume but hasn't seemed to win in Elkhart. One just had a great year but doesn't have a glowing overall record and hasn't won anything. I am not trying to slight anybody I don't know any other way to say that. Just seems like there are some guys they would want to make a run at like the New Palestine guy? Lafayette Jeff? Northwood? Michigan City? Would Bart Ball work at a place like Elkhart? I don't know there are probably a bunch more who I don't even know about. That's what I was asking. If you are the AD, who is your wish list? It's just meant as a hypothetical.
  2. Now that both Elkhart schools are done, I wanted to pose a question that has been rolling around my head for a while. This consolidation or whatever it is called is not something that happens often, so it presents its own set of challenges. It is a new school and team but, then again, it kind of isn't. They are starting a football program but, then again, they kind of aren't. Everybody always talks about the athletic hotbed Elkhart is, but then they were around the top in umemployment in the nation a couple years ago I think, so that has another layer of hurdles. There have been a couple instances of this happening before in Indiana but the pool of people who have experience taking over this kind of situation isn't very deep. My question is this: if you are the people in charge, who are the coaches in Indiana you would chase? Who would you have to recruit and make say no over and over for you to rest easy at night? Or maybe not limited to Indiana but who are the "local" ones who would have the best chance to take control of the Elkhart situation and run with it?
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