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  1. Hoping Valpo can win this game, but New Pal is possibly the best team in the State regardless of class. Carmel is probably as good but regardless I'll go New Pal 42 Valpo 21
  2. Hoping East Noble can get it done. I'm sure Memorial will do there best to keep East Nobles dynamic offense off the field. But against my Brickies the East Noble D sure played lights out. I'm gonna go East Noble 28 Memorial 24
  3. Yep rough night congrats to all the teams that advanced. Majority of our Hobart team is juniors we will be great again next season, on to wrestling season!
  4. Yep rough night for the Region teams hats off to all the teams that advanced. To you Temptation your a great forum troll keep up the great work.
  5. Congrats to East Noble now go win the state title you guys deserve it.
  6. Hobart is a run first offense but by no means a run only offense. Johnson has thrown for over 1000 yards. They have one of the best Wrs in our area in Zach Vode. The Hobart passing also has Matthew Benton and Tyler Schultz heavily involved. The Brickie offense definitely would give the impression on paper of a stop the run and win type situation but they are not. You can really see the offensive passing power of them grow over the season on film. In my opinion Hobart's offense is gonna suprise you with how balanced they are. As far as Np goes they were not bailed out, hobart's wrs beat NPs dbs and were tackled clear pass interference calls are not bail outs. But Hobart can throw the ball and have a solid passing game there run game is so good they havent needed as much.
  7. As far as Morton goes they scored 7 with our varsity d on the field on a short field and jojo johnson D1 talent made a big play the other 14 were against jv with Hobart up by 30+ points and Merrillville is much better than East Noble they are in the 6A semi state. I sound like a broken record here Bailey will not be able to scramble in this game. Bailey is gonna turn the ball over in this game he will fumble or throw ints most likely both. I think everyone is overestimating his abilities. Just about our entire defense is faster than him. For sure all 4 of our lbs would beat him in a 40 yard dash. I'm thinking hobart will overflow for sure and possibly East Noble too both communities are doing right by the students really putting in a great effort on both sides to make this a special event.
  8. Mathew Benton leads the state in Interceptions with 11. Vode one of the best WRs 6'3" 190 faster than any East Noble Wr plays safety. Hobart's 4 LBs one of the fastest and best cores in the state. Hobarts defense stops everything. Jojo Johnson from Morton is a D1 WR, Glass from Merrillville D1 WR, they have seen better guys. I dont think Parker is gonna have 2 important things. He will have legitimately less time to throw the ball and his WRs wont be open. You said it ourself he wont beat us with his legs. So without open guys how will his arm win the game?
  9. My observations are different, I believe East Noble hasn't played a team as fast and physical as Hobart. Every team on East Nobles schedule is inferior to Hobart on both sides of the ball. Hobart has plain and simple played teams much faster, bigger, and outright better than East Noble. Merrillville, Chesterton, Morton, Andrean and New Prairie that's 5 opponents better than anyone East Noble played. Hobart's defense doesnt thrive on big plays. Hobarts defense complete stops teams from executing. They create turnovers through pressure and pure defensive dominance. East Noble passes well and creates rushing opportunities via scrambling with Parker, Hobart will stop that. Just because no else has isnt a valid reason Hobart wont stop this team. They have stopped better teams already. I also know and respect the East Noble community and football program I coached high school football there and as college football coach I recruited Ft. Wayne was pals with Chris Depew for many years.
  10. For the final time I understand what it is and how it works. You would think this guy would explain this prior to challenging me to a bet. That was my problem. Dont assume ppl know what your talking about especially when it's illegal.
  11. I think you should explain what your talking about prior to quoting ppl challenging them to bets.
  12. I'm sorry to break this to you, East Noble is gonna have to do something different Parker won't beat this defense. We have played more athletic better qbs with better Wrs. East Noble has not played a defense or offense like this.
  13. I think it's great, I didnt say anything bad about the idea great school spirit builder. I just dont think it will work.
  14. And your suggesting these mean anything? Who cares about the tourney pick em standings. A bunch of bias fans picking the team they hope wins. I just watched a preview show up here and they do a weekly poll and guess what? According to the poll all the region teams over 70% slated to win. I dont look at polls I watch hours of film do hours research and make up my own mind. Let's stop ruining this games forum, I'll accept your apology tomorrow night after the games.
  15. Your definately not winning the game. So even if you start out with more fans by halftime hobart will win the fan battle. Hobart by at least 17
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