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  1. dazed and confused

    Sectional 38

    yep, Westside good... on to 1st game of sectionals... my cat says Speedway looks to be well prepared schedule wise.
  2. dazed and confused

    Steve Powell

    Thats too bad... Condolences to his family from our home !!! 😞
  3. dazed and confused

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    totally expected game results... seems odd to me that someone from a 5a school that "felt the horns" would say this
  4. dazed and confused

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    looks like rain again for tonites games... hows fields holding up after last week... hope for good injury free games... the Battle For Hell...RDP vs BDP
  5. dazed and confused

    Who gets their 1st win Tonight?

    OH... like a PC police ! nevermind
  6. dazed and confused

    Who gets their 1st win Tonight?

    I did not see the initial post and I can imagine about what it was, but, from what I gather, Muda has had his 1st Amendment right trampled on !
  7. dazed and confused

    IHSAA Tournament March Madness Style

    I think thats what Temptation was doing here in a way... Great idea BTW Tempt.... I love it when someone does the work for me.... ; )
  8. dazed and confused

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    DANG...they'd have to throw out about everyone at any game I been to !
  9. was bored and flippin through channels and ran across a couple of shows that sound interesting on concussions if anyone is interested....thought of this discussion.... 3pm today on WYFI orH 20: The Smartest Team: Making High School Football Safer. (An Oklahoma high school football team, is able to reduce its concussion rate by 75%) 4pm today same chanl: Bell Ringer: The Invisible Brain Injury. (What occurs in the brain during a concussion, short term effects and long-term risks of concussions and best methods for preventing them altogether.) all set to record : )
  10. dazed and confused

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    my siamese agrees LCC should be 2nd in the west but she is very biased ...she is CATholic after all
  11. dazed and confused

    Hoosier Conference Cross Over Pick 'Em

    Ahhhhh....1 pointers : ) Twin Lakes @ Hamilton Heights Lafayette Central Catholic @ Western Benton Central @ Northwestern Rensselaer Central @ Cass North Newton @ Tri-County Logansport @ Muncie Central Calumet @ Wheeler Crawfordsville @ Frankfort DeKalb @ Leo Fishers @ Zionsville Goshen @ Wawasee Greensburg @ Rushville Kankakee Valley @ Munster Mishawaka @ Penn Park Tudor @ Frontier Whitko @ Wabash Rochester @ Maconaquah West Lafayette @ Tipton Bremen @ Culver Academy Hobart @ Lowell
  12. dazed and confused

    Get out those ark plans...

    Elwood should do that anyway.... :)
  13. dazed and confused

    Get out those ark plans...

    what do you expect ? he had a tear in his eye....
  14. dazed and confused

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    lakes over here where there ain't supposed to be lakes Tipton usually has purty nice grass....we will see