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    Sagamore Conference 2018

    First, I would like to take a second to address some inaccuracies I have seen posted about the Frankfort Football Program. We DO have a youth program. It was started this year and has been a tremendous success. We had 72 kids in our K-5 flag football league. The league focused on teaching kids the skills of the game. We fielded full teams in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade as opposed to last year when the teams were consolidated. We fielded a JV team for the entire season. We have 53 players on our roster… we start only 3 seniors and 2 juniors on offense and 3 seniors and 3 juniors on defense…. Even though this season did not go well in terms of wins and losses my kids worked hard every day in practice and got substantially better over the course of the season I’ve never had a zero win regular season in my life. However, this season has never felt like that. Our players have stayed positive, stayed together, and have continued to work hard. This is a tremendous testament to their personal resolve and toughness. Our senior class has been impressive in setting a tone of hard work and dedication. To Muda RH, The perspective on a season is very different from the sidelines than it is from behind a keyboard….Any time you would like to talk face to face about the Frankfort Football Program my office door is always open. My name is James Byers and I am proud to be the Head Football Coach at Frankfort High School.