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  1. Coaches, This week for our Ball and Beverage Zoom Clinic we will be joined by Adam Morris, the Defensive Line Coach for Eastern Illinois. In addition, I will be speaking about packaging plays together to protect your core concepts. Register for this FREE Clinic at www.60secondclinic.com/bandb
  2. Coaches, We are really excited about this clinic and can't wait to talk ball and raise money for a great cause! Head over to www.60secondclinic.com/tackle22 to register!
  3. Paul Loggan Tackle and Turnover Clinic May 7th at Launch Fishers from 8:45-3:00 PM 100% of the ticket sales from this clinic will go towards the Paul Loggan Foundation which works to ensure that finances are never an issue that stops student-athletes from being able to experience education-based athletics. Your $30 ticket includes breakfast, catered lunch, and access to the presentations and film from the clinics speakers. We are lucky enough to have some of the top coaches from both past and present speaking at this event. Kurt Tippmann-FW Snider Josh Miracle-Westfield Adam Metzler-Noblesville Gill Speer-Franklin College AND A SPECIAL FEATURE: The Legends Chat with Bill Sharpe and Chuck Stephens In addition to our lightning-fast, content-focused clinic talks, we will also have the following sessions: Breakout Sessions-go over the details and get specific questions answered in our breakout sessions Top Drills-coaches go in detail on the drills and progressions that have become staples of their programs Rapid Fire-with over 30 ideas in 30 minutes from this collection of incredible coaches, you're guaranteed to walk away with something to make your program better We work to ensure that everyone gets value from our clinics. Our goal is to make sure that all coaches are able to get high-quality information without wasting time or money! Register now at www.60secondclinic.com/tackle22 to secure your $30 In-Person or $20 Virtual Ticket
  4. The most important announcement of the week! For lunch we will be having our locally world famous Taco Bar This is a tremendous collection of defensive minds and you are guranteed not to walk away hungry! At $30 for Breakfast, Lunch and a Clinic this is the best deal in going!
  5. Coaches, One of our sponsors for the 60SecondClinic series is the Marine Corps. I am meeting with them Tuesday Morning and they have asked for some feedback from Indiana Coaches on how they could provide more value to Football Coaches. I have created this Google Form in an attempt to gather some feedback for them. I would appreciate it if you could fill it out and so that we can provide them with some valuable feedback! https://forms.gle/5Lsjo7x2sGex5kvm8 Thanks! David Weitz
  6. After a great Odd Front Clinic we are on to our Blitz and Coverage Clinic! This is going to be a great clinic with an absolute dynamite list of speakers! Grab your tickets now!
  7. One more sleep until the Odd Front Clinic! Virtual and In Person Tickets are still available for the state's only Odd Front Specific clinic! www.60secondclinic.com/oddfront22
  8. We will be hosting our weekly Zoom Clinic tonight at 9 PM EST. Our two speakers will be talking about throwing the ball but from two very different types of offense Coach Stewart from Western High School will be talking about the Play Action game they use to generate big plays in their Shotgun Single Wing Offense Next Coach Smith from Decatur Central will be talking about how they run the Sail Concept from their Spread Offense As always, our Zoom Clinics are free. Register at www.60secondclinic.com/bandb If you are interested in speaking in future clinics reach out to me at dweitz7@gmail.com!
  9. Correction because I'm not smart enough to figure out how to edit my posts! Coach Goodin-two state championships, one at Cincy St. X and one at LCC
  10. I can't believe I forgot the most important part of the clinic announcement, the Lunch will be Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Brats! It's supposed to be one of the first nice days of Spring, no better way to start Spring grilling out and talking ball! Register at www.60secondclinic.com/oddfront22
  11. Blitz and Coverage Clinic Launch Fishers 8:45 AM to 3:00 PM We are excited to announce our Speaker list for the Blitz and Coverage Clinic! This is an amazing collection of coaches featuring Defensive Coordinators with Multiple State Championships, Double Digit Lucas Oil Apperances, and Decades of Experience Rob Robertson-3 State Championships, Gridy's Defensive Coordinator of the Year Issac Sturgis-3 State Runner Ups Max Goodin-State Runner Up 2018 Shaun Zoladz-State Runner Up 2020 Russ Mann-3 State Chamipionships We believe in providing coaches with great content, in small time segments! This clinic will feature: Clinic Talks Buzz Sessions Top Drills Breakout Periods As always, YOU WILL NOT WALK AWAY HUNGRY! Your Clinic Ticket Gets You: Pastry and Coffee Breakfast Catered Lunch After Clinic Social Access to Google Drive with All Presentations Playback of Clinic Signup now at www.60secondclinic.com/bandc22
  12. Wanted to let everyone know that this clinic will actually be hosted at Launch Fishers. I realized that I forgot to put that up here. It is right off of I-69 and 116th street and within easy access of Portillo's! Make sure to book your tickets and secure your spot at www.60secondclinic.com/oddfront22, it will be reserved to the first 75 coaches! Any questions let me know!
  13. 2022 Odd Front Clinic After a great Winter Clinic Series, we are excited to kick off our 2022 Spring Clinic Series with our Odd Front Clinic. We have a great group of coaches from across the state who will be speaking on all things Odd Front. This clinic will feature the quick and concise format that so many coaches loved at our Winter Clinic Series. Each Clinic talk will be 25 minutes long but coaches will have the ability to talk more about specific topics during a designated break-out time. This clinic will also feature a drill segment where coaches share the top drills that they have picked up over their years of coaching. Finally, back by popular demand is our Rapid Fire Segment where coaches will take turns sharing a one-minute nugget with the audience. One thing you can guarantee at a 60SecondClinic is that there will be no shortage of food! Your in-person ticket gives you a pastry Breakfast with coffee, a catered lunch, and a Post Clinic Social at Parks Place Pub. All of this for $30 including digital versions of the clinic talks and access to the film from the clinic. There is a streaming option available as well for $25. Registration is limited to the first 75 Coaches. Sign up at www.60secondclinic.com Gabe Johnson-Head Coach, Bloomington High School South Andy Thomas-Head Coach, Angola High School Jordan McCaslin-Defensive Coordinator, Hamilton Southeastern Matt Taylor-Defensive Coordinator, Norwell High School Briendle Fletcher-Defensive Coordinator, Centerville High School
  14. Coaches, We are hosting another one of our Free Zoom Clinics tonight at 9:00 PM EST. We will have Coach Bailey from Huntsville High School in Alabama talking about their Pin and Pull Series and the Variations that keep it running. He will also be talking about the Offensive Line Clinic he will be hosting this Summer. Our second speaker will be Coach Kyle Buresh from Mississinewa High School in Indiana. Coach Buresh will be talking about how they run Smash and Variations to attack different coverages. This should be a great clinic opportunity, and I guarantee you can’t beat the price! Register at www.60secondclinic.com/bandb
  15. Coaches, We are hosting another Zoom Clinic this Thursday at 9 PM EST Coach Sorrell from South Putnam will be talking about how the Eagles get into different fronts from their 3-3 Stack. Next Coach Cam from the 13 time Arizona State Champion Saguaro Sabercats takes us through a week of their practice plans. Registration is always free! Visit www.60secondclinic.com/bandb
  16. Well I will never stand in the way of Defensive coaches exercising their right to be wrong! On another note we will be changing the date of the Paul Loggan Tackling and Turnover Clinic to May 7th! I hope to see everyone there!
  17. Paul Loggan Tackle and Turnover Clinic April 16th 9 AM to 3 PM Held at Launch Fishers Sat. April 16th we will kick off our Spring Clinic Series with the Paul Loggan Tackle and Turnover Clinic. This clinic will focus specifically on Defensive Play and include Clinic Talks, Drill Segments, and Buzz Sessions designed to improve your teams ability totackle and create turnovers Breakfast, Catered Lunch and After Clinic Social $30 In Person Tickets/$25 Virtual-The Best Deal in Town All Ticket Sales will Go Directly to the Paul Loggan Foundation Register at www.60secondclinic.com
  18. The Spring 2022 Clinic Series is launching just in time for the IFCA Clinic. April 16th Paul Loggan Tackling and Turnover Clinic April 23rd Odd Front Clinic April 30th Blitz and Coverage Clinic All Clinics will be held at Launch Fishers and will be $30 In Person and $20 VirtualIn-Person The first clinic is especially meaningful and will serve as a tribute to Coach Paul Loggan who was a bedrock of North Central and all that is right in High School Sports. All Ticket Sales from this clinic will go directly to the Paul Loggan Foundation. To celebrate the IFCA Clinic you can use the Code: IFCA to take $5 off every ticket bought before Midnight Saturday, March 12th! Happy Clinic, I would love to see everyone there! GET MORE INFO AT WWW.60SECONDCLINIC.COM/SPRING22
  19. Coaches! I hope everyone is having a good clinic season as we round the corner and start eyeing the IFCA Clinic and a much needed Spring Break! Tonight we will be hosting our weekly Ball and Beverages Zoom Clinic. Our first speaker will be Coach Sabinas from Merrillville HS talking about how the Pirates Analyze and Attack Offensive Lines. Our second speaker will be Coach Reif from Concord who will talk about how the Minutemen (will always make me giggle) use analytics to improve their play calling. These free clinics are a great opportunity to learn from coaches while networking in the best community in the world, high school football coaches! You can register for free at www.60secondclinic.com/bandb the link will go out to everyone who has registered (if you have signed up before you will get the link) at 8:30 PM EST! We will be off next week for the IFCA Clinic, I would love to connect with anyone there and would love to hear your ideas for our clinic series or if you are interested in participating! I hope to see everyone there! David Weitz OC, Hamilton Southeastern HS DWeitz7@gmail.com
  20. 24 Hours until the Air It Out Clinic! It's going to be a great clinic with some of the states best coaches sharing ideas! Tickets are still available at www.60secondclinic.com/airitout Any question please feel free to send me an email DWeitz7@gmail.com
  21. Coaches, I realized that I didn't include the location for the clinic. It will be held at Launch Fishers which is right off I-69 and 116th street in Fishers. The address is below, we'd love to see everyone there! 12175 Visionary Way, Fishers, IN 46038
  22. Well dang it, seems like I always screw up something like that. Sorry this one should work https://www.60secondclinic.com/airitout
  23. Air It Out Passing Clinic Feb 26, 9 AM to 3 PM Our Final Clinic for our Winter Clinic Series is coming up this Saturday! We have received great feedback from our previous clinics and used it to make our last clinic our best yet! Eight Different Speakers-one specific concept/idea in quick 25 minute clinic talks: Shane Fry, West Lafayette-Quick Game and the WL Read Drill Josh Wissing, Merriville-Downfield Play Action Game Luke Amstutz, East Noble-Knights Boot Game Jacob Wanner, Lafayette Jeff-Perimeter Screens Tim Miller, Lapel-Verbage in the Bulldog Passing Attack Brian Nay, LCC-Four Verts as a Universal Answer Josh Shattuck, Elkhart-Double Post Variations Aaron Daniel, Bloomington South-Smash Variations Rapid Fire Sessions. By popular demand we will have multiple rapid fire sessions. These will consist of 1 minute ideas from each coach. We will have two sessions of this, one for the first four speakers, and one for the second four speakers Introducing Beat the Coverage: Here the coaches will start in a formation of their choice and show how they would attack specific fronts and coverages that the moderator throws out. All of these sessions, plus access to the presentations, clinic footage, breakfast, a catered lunch, and food at the Social at Parks Place Pub after the clinic! $30 In Person Tickets and $20 Virtual Tickets This is the best deal in clinics! In person registration is limited to the first 75 coaches! Go to www.60SecondClinic.com/AirItOut to register
  24. Going to be a great opening Zoom Clinic! We kick off in one hour focusing on the Offensive Line with two of the top coaches in the Midwest. Coach Burtron talks about the Westfield Grading System while Coach Yoder will cover the fundamentals of how Brownsburg coaches the Outside Zone Play Free Clinic, you just have to register at www.60secondclinic.com/bandb
  25. FAST ZOOM CLINICS-ONE HOUR, ONCE A WEEK REGISTER FOR FREE AT www.60SecondClinic.com/BandB I hope everyone has been having a great offseason and enjoying clinic season. Building off of the success and positive reviews of our Special Teams and Offensive Line Clinic we are launching our Zoom Clinic Series! This Thursday at 9 PM we will have Coach Josh Yoder from Brownsburg talking Outside Zone Fundamentals and Coach Zane Burtron from Westfield talking about their Grading System. To register for this FREE Zoom Clinic visit www.60secondclinic.com/bandb
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