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  1. SmallTown

    Sectional 63 Rankings

    1. BR (18-2) Nice win against a good South Knox team. Two tough games this weekend against Rivet and Princeton. A win at Rivet would make BR the outright Blue Chip Conference champ. 2. Vin. Rivet (11-8) Another win over Shoals moves them up a spot. This week they probably have their toughest two game stretch of the year with games against South Knox and BR. 3. Loogootee (6-12) Tough loss against Mitchell last week. After the year they've had it will be interesting to see how they respond to a loss like that, up 20 and end up getting beat by 2. Easy game vs WC tonight then tough weekend at Dubois and at Southridge. 4. Shoals (11-8) Jug Rox suffered 4th straight loss. We'll see if they can bounce back this week as they host Dubois and Orleans. 5. Orleans (6-14) Last week was rough but was expected. Two away games this week against West Washington and Shoals. Bulldogs have a chance to move up with a win at Shoals. 6. WC (3-14) WC won back to back games over the weekend. They have 2 hard games against Loogootee and Springs Valley but then finish weekend with another winnable game against Medora. ** Sectional Draw this Sunday. If I'm on any team other than BR I would want Loogootee to draw BR in first game on Tuesday, might be everyone's best chance.
  2. SmallTown

    Sectional 63 Rankings

    Yes nice article in the Indystar about Shoals. It would be nice to see them win a sectional but if not at least they have regained the respect of opponents. I still think the Bauer kid that transferred to Loogootee a few years ago would have been this teams missing piece. Playing him alongside the Tichenor kid would have been hard to guard.
  3. SmallTown

    Sectional 63 Rankings

    Hughes was a great coach so it's hard to do anything better but you are right taps, Thompson's approach is better against slow down teams.
  4. SmallTown

    Sectional 63 Rankings

    I planned on doing this throughout the year but with the site crashing I never got a chance. 1. Barr-Reeve (17-2) Unsure how their season would go with a new coach but so far so good. They are the defending sectional champs and until someone beats them they will remain the favorite. Friday is a big Blue Chip game vs a good South Knox team. (the next 4 could go in about any order) 2. Loogootee (6-11) I know their record isn't very good but in my opinion they are the only sectional team that can beat BR (but could also lose to any of the other teams besides WC). Lions are at Mitchell Friday which they should win but don't always play well there. 3. Vincennes Rivet (10-8) I've not seen Rivet play this year but they have beaten Shoals and Orleans already. I think we'll know more after they play Shoals for the second time on Friday and also BR the following week. 4. Shoals (11-7) I know some are high on Shoals but I'm not sold and that's because they have only beaten one good team early in the year (Southridge) and have lost every other time they have played someone good. They have a chance to move up with a win against Rivet on Friday. 5. Orleans (7-11) A good win over Loogootee last week and probably have the best coach in the sectional so can't count them out. Orleans has a tough weekend against Paoli and Edgewood. 6. Washington Catholic (1-14) Same as last year, probably don't stand a chance of beating any of the other sectional teams. WC will be looking for their second win and should be possible as they play Evansville Christian and Columbus Christian this weekend.