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  1. We have one available spot in our Big State 7vs7 tournament. Let me know if your team is interested.
  2. Mooresville has 2 openings in the Big State tournament. Let me know if your team wants in.
  3. We now have 1 Big State spot and 1 small state spot. Let me know if your team wants in.
  4. We have had some spots open up in our tournament. 2 Big State spots and 1 Small State spot. Email me if your team is interested. joe.white@mooresvilleschools.org
  5. We have one spot available in the BIG State tournament.
  6. We have one available spot in the Big State tournament and one spot in the Small State tournament. Once we are full we will send out the rules to the teams. Email me if your team wants in.
  7. Our Mooresville Pioneers Shootout is filling up quickly. We have 4 spots available in the Big State (Varsity Teams) tournament and 5 spots available in the Small State (JV and Small School Varsity Teams). Email me if your program is interested in reserving a spot. joe.white@mooresvilleschools.org
  8. Mooresville High School Football Program is hosting a 7 on 7 tournament June 12th. We are looking for 32 teams and spots are already filling up. The tournament will take place at our youth football complex. Email one of the following if interested: Joe White - joe.white@mooresvilleschools.org casey@g2wins.com jacob.wallman@mooresvilleschools.org
  9. Mooresville High School is looking for 3 other teams who would like to come out for a 7vs7 competition day on June 15th. We are wanting schools to bring both a JV and Varsity teams. Please email me at joe.white@mooresvilleschools.org if interested.
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