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  1. Slow clap.... This man speaks the truth. Preach.
  2. War Daddy

    Jasper @ The Ridge

    Is there anything else you would like to add blabbermouth. Maybe discuss his dental records while your at it.
  3. War Daddy

    Jasper @ The Ridge

    I'm taking the over that it goes extra innings
  4. War Daddy

    Jasper @ The Ridge

    Our kicker has a lead foot.
  5. Cats return to the lovely confines of a newly remodeled Raider Field for the 2018 battle for the Goalpost Trophy.
  6. War Daddy

    AP Poll Week 1

    The Ridge didn't let the pollsters down. I keep hearing the Darth Vader music in my head when the D is on the field.
  7. War Daddy

    The PAC Conference 2018

    Yes, the lights are new as well.
  8. War Daddy

    2A Football

    Sounds good to me. The Ridge was ranked lower than that last year and we took out your 9,4,3 and #1 on the way to collecting that giant wooden plaque.
  9. That's funny. Of course you've had 4 weeks to think of it.
  10. How about Tucker Schanks cartwheel run ? I'm not very tech savvy, somebody needs to pull that from the game and post it. Amazing.
  11. LOL, I was going to post the same thing about Jayce's shoulder, He does it all the time. I really have to say Mater Dei was the best team we played in 2A playoffs. If we had 5 turnovers in that game, Mater Dei would be state champs. Woodlan is a close second. The last few minutes of the State Title game will forever be remembered in this small town, and I'm pretty sure that is what they call legendary. #RaiderNation #WeBelieve
  12. Yes you did. Providence scored 34 on Linton, but only 7 on The Ridge. Its all kind of the way the game goes.
  13. War Daddy

    812 Football 2017

    I think its a step above the rest to be a public, country :p school and beat 3 P/P schools in a row. Polls schmolls, were going to State baby !
  14. If somebody tried to probe me wrong I'd punch em in the mouth. Last one out of the Ridge on Saturday turn out the lights, cause here come the boys from the South !