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  1. I had no input as to who the next HFC would be at NHHS. Coach in question certainly has credentials and undoubtedly would do a great job wherever he goes, but I am happy to see a loyal and dedicated assistant get rewarded for 13 years of dedicated and passionate work at NHHS. Jimmy Linn is as good a person you will come across, and I wish him and the Bulldogs nothing but the best! Both of these men are going to mold players through the game of football. I have no doubt about that! Go 'Dogs! Coach Rowland
  2. Always found Ron to be a true professional and advocate of high school sports. He will be missed!
  3. The fact that Dwenger has bounced 4 of our best teams I've coached out of the playoffs in the last nine years proves that it would NOT be a lateral move football wise. However, the point is moot. I didn't just give lip service when I stepped down. I'm going to be coaching my 4th grade son and his friends for the next few years! In my eyes, that's not a lateral move either. I just want to hang out with my kids while they still want to!! As for Dwenger, I have a ton of respect for the Saints. Better men than me have done both, but I'm happy to step back and be more involved with my family. I'm young--plenty of time to coach on Fridays again if that's where the Lord leads me!
  4. Maybe New Haven had something to do with that. Game was even but special teams played its part. Take away the turnover on the punt and the questionable 3rd and 10 pass interference, and we may still be playing! Was a great game between two good football teams. I have nothing but respect for Coach S and the Dwenger football program. It's an honor to try to match wits with this program! We fell short this time around!
  5. Was one heck of a defensive ball game! Special teams was the difference. Hats off to Dwenger. Proud of our kids tonight, but we fell a bit short. Good luck the rest of the way, BD!
  6. Great Coach and an ever better man. Best of luck Coach!
  7. CoachR

    CIC Week 2

    I don't post often on here, but I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with the Indians tonight. Coach Funk had his team well prepared and his players never backed down. What a great game! I think both teams benefited by a playoff atmosphere tonight! Best of luck to Ole 'Miss the rest of the way. The CIC should take notice--this team has the "it" factor! Coach Rowland New Haven Football
  8. Great one-day team camp. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested. With today's summer rules, it was the best opportunity to enjoy competition and get good team work together in one day!
  9. CoachR

    DeKalb Barons

    If I remember correctly, that game was a forfeit--can't remember why. Either way, as I said after we played DeKalb, I felt DeKalb would surprise some teams this year. They are well-coached, and the kids are believing. A competitive DeKalb team is good for the NHC!
  10. CoachR

    DeKalb Barons

    I was very impressed with Coach Kempf and the DeKalb players. DeKalb will surprise some teams this year! We were lucky to come out with a victory this week. Coach Rowland
  11. CoachR

    North South Game?

    I was on North staff. Petkovich was North's MVP as far as I know.
  12. CoachR

    North South Game?

    Petkovich was the North MVP. Defense actually played pretty well--they were put in bad spots all night. Unfortunately, the offense could not move the ball much at all and gave up a pick six early in the game.
  13. The BD staff informed us Ryan would not be able to play in the all-star game.
  14. CoachR

    Homestead Vs Snider

    We are better with the Harding players. I'm not sure what you two kids are arguing about, but this is a Homestead/Snider thread. Any team would be better with an influx of talent like we got from Harding. Argument over. Irishman, take your meds. Coach Rowland
  15. Great coach! Garrett is in very good hands! Best of luck, Chris!
  16. I've known both of these men for many years, and I can say without hesitation that they are high school purists at heart. I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill. These guys do so much for NE Indiana football. They have to pay their bills like anyone else. Does Casey have an affinity for his alma mater--sure. Is he using Gamenight to "build a team around his son"? Get real. Keep up the great work, Matt and Casey! Coach Rowland
  17. New Haven's game against DeKalb has been pushed back to 8 PM Coach Rowland
  18. CoachR

    Heritage Football

    By all accounts, Josh was a tremendous young man. Our thoughts and prayers are with Josh's family and the Patriot football players and coaches. Coach Rowland
  19. Dante Bowen is at Snider. He is a great talent! I'm not sure if any other former Hawks are in FWCS. I've been very impressed with the way the Harding kids have handled the transition so far. I've talked with a coach at Leo, and he echoed those sentiments. These are good kids who were put into a tough situation, and they are making the best of it.
  20. This year, the Harding kids really did split pretty equally among the EACS schools. Leo took the "Lion share" of the starters. Several followed Coach Haydock to Woodlan, quite a few took the trek over to Heritage--only 8-10 came to New Haven during the transition. The Hawks are all over EACS! Should make for some very interesting non-conference games this year!
  21. INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL is the category--not who became the best pro player. If that is the requirement, why not just talk about the best Indiana High School football player who went pro? If we are basing it on their HIGH SCHOOL career, I believe they most certainly belong in this category.
  22. I have to throw Cory Jacquay out there. I realize he did not go big-time D1, but if you are just looking at high school careers, I would love to see a better all-around player than this young man. He averaged 10 tackles per game as a linebacker (actually made N/S team on defense), and rushed for state record 3366 yards in 2001--over 6 thousand in career (did not play varsity as a freshman). He was named NAIA Player of the Year and had a great career at St. Francis while playing in at least two national championships. If you are just looking at high school careers, very few can compare to this kid! Then again, I may be a bit biased. Coach R
  23. CoachR

    Angola Football Players

    The Colts donated several items that brought in good money at the silent auction we had for Nate Savieo. What a classy, caring organization!
  24. CoachR

    SAC future schedules

    New Haven vs. North Side is not on the schedule or even discussed as far as I know. Coach Rowland
  25. CoachR

    AWP Ft. Wayne

    Coach, I have had limited contact with AWP in terms of the kids that come from our program too. When I heard that at the meeting, I felt the same way. I'm sure that they do communicate with the programs that have more than a few kids. I did receive a few text messages from Mike Ledo from the Combine telling me how Te'Vaughn did--and I really appreciated that! I asked Mike if he would be willing to sit down with me and Hurse's parents to get him on track academically for a scholarship, and he said he would definitely do that. So, I think AWP is probably just working out some of the kinks of a new business. I would love to get attendance sheets from AWP as their sessions are the exact days and times as ours are. There weren't a lot of weights being lifted either from what my players told me. They concentrated on speed and agility. Perhaps this was to get ready for the combine.