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  1. I agree with you! Best luck to you guys. Tipton is much better than what I have been hearing. Stay focused and put some time in. They will be good.
  2. This game was close early based and bad play and bad calls for both. Karma struck for both sides and made this close. After half Heights adjusted and slipped off into the night. Film will be ugly and hopefully that crew doesn't work much past week 9!
  3. As a former player in this rivalry, the news of that happening is not setting well. The rock was always fair game. I respected Mike as a coach. Playing against his teams was always fun and hard played games. He was intense, as was our coach, (Roth) but at the end he was always seeking out those that played well from Heights to congratulate them and wish them the best. We didn't get along on the field, but always talked after and played other sports together. Respecting opponents for what they do seems to be a deminishing aspect of sport!
  4. Don't know jcat69, but I like that the southern part of the state is so active and allows us blue coat northerners to stay in touch with the "south of 40" clan!
  5. MasterofNothing

    Chatard at New Palestine

    Just as I thought!! Thanks for the work! Good Luck Trojans!
  6. MasterofNothing

    Chatard at New Palestine

    I don't know how it is for everyone..... but it is open to an extent. Many places will take you but you have to meet certain criteria. Grades, gpa, etc... Its still an application process and the school can turn you down for reasons specified in their terms.
  7. MasterofNothing

    Chatard at New Palestine

    I don't want this to seem like I am attacking you, but I would dare you to take the Chatard rosters and the Cathedral rosters and see how many of those kids played in a CYO league. All feeders for their programs..... I am curious to know. I know quite a few people who have been through those two programs and have a feeling the numbers would be pushing 90-95%.
  8. MasterofNothing

    Chatard at New Palestine

    Hotrod makes a good point. Every year you hear the same from schools saying this is the year! He is right, its all crap. Not many have figured out how to defeat Chatard. Ham. Heights gave it our best shot and came away baffled...thanks to a defense that choked us out last year in the first half, and much of the 2nd! You can tout yourself all you want but until you face them and beat them you are a dreamer. Brebuf is a good football team, and I don't claim to know much about them or the game between them or Chatard. I heard ball handling was a little bit of an issue and that is a great equalizer!
  9. MasterofNothing

    Chatard at New Palestine

    Please tell me the recruiting line from PANTERGROEELE is a joke. Come on! I have not read many from you but hope its not for real. Please excuse my ignorance if I didn't catch the sarcasm. I really get tired of the recruiting stuff from people. Those kids play together for years and years before H.S. Let it go.
  10. MasterofNothing

    3A Pre-Season Top 15

    I agree this is all in fun and speculation. I however am partial to the Sagarin ratings. They carry more weight among coaches than most people think. It is not a secret there are many good teams in 3A north, and south. It should be a good tournament for the upper teams involved and those sleepers on the border of being ranked. Good luck to all involved and keep and open mind. Don't get too offended by peoples school spirit!
  11. MasterofNothing

    3A Pre-Season Top 15

    I think you misunderstood the question. He mentioned top 5 in 3A strength of schedule.
  12. MasterofNothing

    3A Pre-Season Top 15

    Polls don't mean a whole lot to me. I think I have made that clear. I am glad we got handed our lunch....better yet, our lunch money straight up taken from us Friday. It may prove to be just what we needed. Obviously we didn't play well, and our line was handled most of the night. I think there are many teams in 3A that are strong, and well coached. It will be a matter of time before we all see how it plays out. I don't care if we fall out of the rankings as long as we come along at the right time and clean up our execution! Tipton is strong and sound technique wise. They made mistakes, but not many. They are a quality team and very well coached. Good luck to them as the season goes on!
  13. MasterofNothing

    IFCA Preseason Poll

    I would not put a lot of weight on what is witnessed at a scrimmage. Many teams script plays, mess with fronts and checks and coverages. This is why its a scrimmage... to check retention from practice. Not too many teams are going to show a great hand to a week one opponent just to put up great numbers in a scrimmage. I would imagine a defense is more worried about proper alingments and techniques.... I know I would be.
  14. MasterofNothing

    3A Pre-Season Top 15

    Thanks for the words! I think it made a huge difference that many of those kids had the opportunity to play against Chatard more than once. They knew what to expect. Playing Chatard is like trying to run through a thorn patch. You have to be able to bleed quite a bit and keep going. I loved the game last year and so did the kids. I hope the younger ones listened and can build on what took place.
  15. MasterofNothing

    Whose practicing right now?

    How does the midnight thing work now? It used to be that there was not allowed to be contact or discussions with the players before midnight. With the summer rule changes, what is the rule now? Many teams going to a balanced calendar cannot do this. What is the benefit? I would think there would be some retention issues for the next day.