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  1. Mule I think we have had 19 or 20 picks total for the year, which is about a average of 2 picks a game .That is pretty impressive for such a underclassmen group of kids .I think we lose about 3 or 4 starters on defense, so they should be even better defensively next year, with all the experience playing varsity.Anyways I would like to think Castle has a chance this Friday, but anything could happen and I agree the kicking game could be a huge factor.
  2. That was my freshman year at Castle, I had to tickets to the game, but ended up staying home, because of being sick, but ended up listening to it on the radio .Castle had like a 24 in a row winning streak and also ranked #1 in class 3 A.The senior class was shocked, they pretty much didn't know what it was like to lose from their 7th grade year and up until that game.That also, was the same year the Stanford, Cal. game where the band ran out on the field, thinking the game was over .Such crazy memories, it was a great game in 83, just wish i could actually been there, even though we lost.Hoping the game is a great one, just hoping Castle comes up with the W Friday night.I guess Mule you aren't making the game ? That is to bad should be a good one .
  3. Not playing the victim, and I am very proud of the success this team has had .I think Castle has some really good young players and will continue to get better.
  4. Should be interesting, Castle's youth has matured a lot since the first game they played BS earlier in the year. I just hope Castle's young team will be able to hang against BS, in the rematch. Any thoughts on the game, especially from the Mule .
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