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  1. From the view of an Andrean fan, obviously both teams are very good and well coached. NP - qb is the key to their team and big plays. Run sets up their passing game. I think of it as a gimmicky passing attack. Defense is very good but no where close to Lowell level. Stop the qb and you beat NP. Lowell - best defense I've seen in along time. Offense is ok, nothing special. Will throw more to TE's with this qb. Key to their D are the 2 safeties (Jusevich and Gill). They are fast, aggressive and skilled. I don't see them giving up big plays in running and passing game. Front 7 very quick and aggressive. Tackles can move for their size. SP teams - don't kick it deep to either Jusevich or Gill, both are threats every time. Squib it to them. I wouldn't compare scores vs Andrean. Vs NP- Andrean was missing quite a few starters due to BNI drama week before and big distraction all week. VS Lowell - Andrean full strength, good game. Defensive struggle. Lowell defense overpowering. it should be a great game. I'll give the edge to Lowell with that defense. It should be low scoring affair. If NP can score more than 21, they have a chance because I don't see Lowell scoring a lot either. BTW- neither one of these teams would beat West Lafayette. They have incredible size, skill and speed.
  2. Impressive indeed. Now that's a great example of tradition with supporting results.
  3. Silvertone, Obviously my post tweaked you so much, you posted it twice. My post was never intended be a slam on NJ more a comment on KK and all the elements that contributed to his success at Lowell, namely the great staff he had at Lowell. However, now that you piqued my curiosity, NJ record over the past 5 yrs is 31-34 and 64-48 over the past 10 yrs. NJ may have tradition but have been average at best.
  4. Frankly, I'm tired of hearing about Coach Kennedy and what he's going to do at North Judson. Obviously a good coach that had a very good staff at Lowell in a community that was growing in population and very supportive of football. Unless he plans on getting his old staff back together which is highly unlikely, I don't think he will be the savior everyone says he will be at North Judson. Whatever the executes were in Bloomington, the fact remains he did not get it done there.

    NSC 2013 Predictions

    I don't have a dog in the fight, but I did see NP at a scrimmage day at Morton with Andrean, Whiting, and Morton. I have to be honest, I was not impressed with NP. They have some size but appeared slow and could not defend against the pass. It may have been the format and obviously still way to early. Then again you can never underestimate a Russ Radtke coached team.

    Gelen Robinson Picks Boilers

    Great choice for Gelen. Great pick for Purdue. He is an excellent athlete, high motor, and a heck of a work ethic. I can understand why he is playing inside...he is not real tall, 6'. Also great to see Hazell recruit the region. I'm not a Boiler fan, but this guy can coach. He will do some very good things at Purdue. He is a Tressel disciple, although he won't be as conservative offensively as Tressel was.

    3a Sectionals

    The reference of "god" was what the Andrean faithful and players called Tommy when he played at Andrean. Yes a gifted athlete, but what separated him was his ability to make the play when it needed to be made in both football and baseball. He thrived on pressure. Brett Goins was very good, but thriving on pressure was not an attribute associated with his game.

    3a Sectionals

    Andrean has the talent to go very deep. This could be a very special team. Offensively, they will score alot points this year. Desomer is the best QB at Andrean since Tommy Finn aka "God". Berg at tailback is a talent. Offensive line returns all but one. Pekovich, being recruited by several D1 schools, replaces Serrato at TE. Solid WR corps with all returning led by Guerrero. Defensively, much improved from last year. Three large run stoppers on defensive line. Received a boost with a junior transfer (his father relocated to valparaiso for his job) from Mt Carmel in Chicago at inside linebacker. He started at Mt. Carmel as a sophomore. Secondary full of athletes. I don't think this unit will be as good as the one two seasons ago, but will be a lot better than last year. The run defense was weak last year, should be much better this year. Wildcard is coaching. Coach Mason is great defensively, but gets too predictable offensively. In close games, he gets very conservative and plays not to lose. He has the horses to let them loose this year, but will he?