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  1. Context is everything. 1) I'd start the 11 best gives my team the best chance to win first and foremost regardless of class. 2) If I have a senior and an underclassmen who are of equal talent; I give the opening day nod to the senior simply for his dedication to the program. 3) Senior keeps his spot until its proven he can't get the job done and/or the underclassmen behind him fairly beats him out
  2. You keep proving my point that sectionals were aligned to preserve rivalries more so than aligned on geography/proximity (which is what the IHSAA said). I think you get a lot loss gripe if the IHSAA simply came out and said we preferred rivalries over proximity.
  3. If that's the case, then how does Ben Davis end up in one sectional and Avon and Brownsburg in another? I get BD and WC are rivals as well but there were much better ways of resolving 6A south then the way they did. Again, I have no problem with the way 5A is aligned, I just would rather the IHSAA come out and say "we wanted a Cathedral-Roncalli matchup due to it's rivalry" than say sectionals were dived up according to geography because it's anything but.
  4. I think he is simply pointing out the hypocrisy in the IHSAA's statement, "There’s a couple ways you can align tournaments,” Cox said. “You can go east-west or north-south. In this case, the committee chose north-south". The committee clearly didn't go north-south and that's evident. Had the IHSAA come out and said they wanted to protect natural, conference, or county rivalries then I don't think you get the gripe that some are expressing. But the IHSAA said one thing, yet did another which seems to be the norm. I personally have no problem with Cathedral and Roncalli in the same sectional because it now at least forces Roncalli to play Cathedral in the event they meet as Roncalli refuses to schedule Cathedral. But if this was a true North-South bracket (like the IHSAA said it was) Cathedral would replace either Greenfield or New Pal (likely New Pal) as they are both further south geographically than Cathedral. Excluding Greenfield, Cathedral is geographically closer to every school in New Pal's sectional than New Pal itself.
  5. You could have made a drivers seat option as well. Center Grove gets to walk to semi-state.
  6. I'm glad you at least said it because we all knew what everybody else was implying. Disagree that "they play by their own rules" or whatever that means. If by no inherit boundaries or state/archdiocesan funding than yeah I guess they are different from the rest of the schools but to my knowledge the IHSAA has found no wrongdoing on their part. Curious, are these the same "rules" that say the Carmel girls swim team plays by as well? Or do good football players want to play for Cathedral just like good metro-Indy area swimmers want to swim at Carmel?
  7. There is no difference. Both schools competed (won sectional) in the classification they were previously placed in (for whatever reason) and neither voluntarily elected to remain in that same class for this upcoming cycle. If it's been deemed that both schools can "compete" a class up, regardless of enrollment, why should one school be held to a higher standard than the other? Again, I'm more so pointing out the hypocrisy more so than the technicalities of why each team is where they're at.
  8. So they elected to play up, and won 2 sectionals in 5A (as a 4A school). Would you or anyone else not constitute that as being able to "compete". Where is the outrage for them not petitioning to stay up again, considering everyone on the other threads demanded Cathedral stay 6A after winning 2 sectionals during their stay? Can you see the hypocrisy in all this? It's even more convenient for a team like Mishawaka to stay in 5A considering the team who beat them in regionals the last two years (Snider) now moves to 6A. If/when Mishawaka wins 4A this year, after having won 2 sectionals in 5A the two years prior, I better see the same holier-than-thou crowd that will be chastising Cathedral for choosing to "pad the trophy collection instead of playing equal competition" give the same kind of critique to the Cavemen.
  9. What argument is there? A team didn't petition to stay up in a larger enrollment class in which they were previously in and I'm not betting, I'm telling you nobody will care. And since when has Center Grove been so keen on what Cathedral does? To my knowledge they've played each other three times ever and not once during the postseason. Center Grove has previously played Cathedral as a 5A school, does it really matter what class they are in when they play each other in the regular season?
  10. Somebody call the Fire Department. Are you serious? A team didn't voluntarily elect to stay up a class? Last team that didn't do that got 2 threads and almost 100 posts of people's opinions. I'll stick this one out to see if it reaches page 2.
  11. I know the argument for this and what will ensue, "there doesn't need to be a playoff or the system ain't broke". I disagree wholeheartedly. In every sport at every level, the postseason or playoffs are based on regular season success. What better way to gauge "success" than a teams ability to qualify for the postseason. Look no further than sectional 1. In a proposed playoff format that took the top half of each class, zero teams from sectional 1 would have qualified. Yet because of our current system, all 4 teams "made" the playoffs, two teams actually won a game, and Crown Point actually won a sectional. All the while, a team like Cathedral wins a sectional down in the south bracket, and like Crown Point loses in regionals. Crown Point is considered to have a successful season while Cathedral a "failed" season and they get bumped to 5A. Under a qualifying system, it is much easier to gauge a teams season a success by simply qualifying for the playoffs and there's even a bigger argument for sustained success by a playoff win. This system would pretty much inevitably keep a team like Cathedral in the highest class once it got there because you know they would likely at least qualify for the playoffs every year and at the same time it would level the playing field for teams like Jeffersonville, New Albany, etc who wouldn't stand a chance at qualifying for the playoffs thus making them eligible for relegation to 5A where they more than likely could compete.
  12. What about a playoff system that that effectively cuts the field in half after the regular season? Any team who makes the playoffs during a set 4 year cycle is exempt from a bump down. Any team who makes the playoffs multiple times in a set 4 year cycle is then placed in a pool that is eligible for promotion, a standby list is what we'll call it. Once placed in the promotion eligible pool, rank teams from top to bottom based on actual playoff success during that 4 year cycle. The team with the most playoff success is the first eligible team for promotion. At the same time, any team who fails to make the playoffs in a set 4 year cycle is placed in a relegation eligible pool, again another standby list. Rank these teams by enrollment with the smallest enrollment school being the first eligible for relegation. From there, replace the highest eligible team for promotion with the lowest enrollment school for relegation. Repeat order until an equal or allotted amount of teams are promoted and relegated. That would be your initial start. From there, in order to stay promoted a class, a team must qualify for the playoffs at least TWICE in the next 4 year cycle. A promoted team who makes the playoffs only once is placed back in the relegation eligible pool and will be placed at the bottom of the relegation-eligible pool. So for example, if a team playing up a class makes the playoffs only once they are placed behind all teams who failed to make the playoffs period, the only way they can be relegated is if enough teams from the class below are promotion-eligible, so there can be instances where a promoted team with just a single playoff appearance isn't relegated. A promoted team who fails to make the playoffs in any of the four years is automatically relegated to be replaced by the highest promoted-eligible team, above the lowest enrollment relegated eligible teams. A relegated team who once again fails to appear in the playoffs in a four cycle once again will be placed in the relegation-eligible pool but due to enrollment would be placed at the very bottom and can only be relegated if there are enough promotion-eligible teams. So a team who is relegated from 6A to 5a and is eligible for relegation to 4A would have to hope there is enough 3A promotion-eligible teams available. I would make a rule where teams can be promotion-eligible before the end of the four year cycle. Any team who wins a state title in consecutive years, regardless of where they are in the four year cycle, is automatically promoted the following year to replace the lowest enrollment team that has failed to qualify for the playoffs. For Example, if Cathedral were to win 5A the next two years they would replace the lowest enrollment team in 6A yet to appear in the playoffs. Any team achieving this kind of success automatically stays in their promoted class at the start of the next four year cycle. So if a school were to win back to back titles in years 1 and 2 of a new cycle, they bump up a class to start year 3 and are there for year 4 and then the start of the next cycle. I know this a lot and would never happen but I think this would truly allow teams to remain in a competitive class for the long run and it would allow teams who have no shot in their enrollment-based class to potentially see some kind of success in a lower, more competitive class.
  13. Year in and year out? Would venture to say the top 10-15 teams in 5A could all compete against those schools. Throw in schools like Dwenger, Chatard, Guerin, Brebeuf, Reitz, etc and you got your list.
  14. Let me ask you this? Had Cathedral been placed in a sectional with Warren, BD, or CG and drew them first round each of the last two years and lost first round would your argument be different? As opposed to being in a sectional with North Central (1 win in the last 3 years), Lawrence North and Lawrence Central who were either sub .500 or at .500 the last two years? From Cathedral's perspective I don't think it's much of an accomplishment to claim they were a 2x 6A sectional champion playing in the sectional they played in. I think it's feasible to say that there are roughly 20-30 other schools in lower classes who could not only compete with those three schools, but could actually win that sectional. Would you then say all those schools should be playing at the 6A level then? The one outlier between Cathedral and the 6A schools you listed (Warsaw, Northrop, Portage, Chesterton, Pike, NC,LN, PM, Jeffersonville) is that those schools have 6A enrollments and Cathedral doesn't, that's why the play in 6A every year and Cathedral plays where the IHSAA tells them too. This isn't anything about self pride or padding to their trophy case. The IHSAA since the inception of the tournament has always classified schools by enrollment. ZERO, and I repeat ZERO of Cathedral's past or potential titles are tainted simply because they were head over heels better than their competition the IHSAA classifies them in.
  15. I agree too, and have advocated since last year that I wish Cathedral stay in 6A on their own recognizance. However, disagree with the notion that Cathedral is at fault for catering to the system in place which TD and Warren05 seem to think is Cathedral's doing.