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  1. Your comment about loading the box and going man is exactly what West side needed to do tonight to give themselves a chance. However, they did more of the other. They came out more worried about getting beat by the pass. They got rolled up because of it. I think one of the things that really shocked me was them taking one of the best d players in the state, and keeping him outside on number 2 receiver most the night. I made a comment a few days ago that if they don't make changes, it could get ugly, and it did. I think one of the things that impressed me the most, out of Chatard, was their tackling. More importantly, their open field tackling. Many possible big plays for West side were killed by some great open field play by Chatard.
  2. I completely agree with what you say here, but I would add one thing. WL defense has been struggling. Rensselaer, twin lakes, Lewis Cass and Gurien were all able to control the game and clock for parts of the game, or even the whole game in the case of second Cass game and Gurien game. WL is very predictable in their defensive sets, and it's hurt them off late. They have some good athletes there, but if they don't shake it up this week, could get ugly.
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