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  1. Predictions and history are a moot point as this is a different disease with different factors contributing to decisions. Personally, I could care less what CNN or FOX has to say about this...I want to hear from the CDC and the WHO - they are the experts and they are the ones who will provide us with the facts and the direction to make us safe.
  2. That may be true, and, if so, the kids are the ones who pay the price for adults being lazy and/or unprepared. Again, maybe the process should be reviewed and, at a minimum, remove those who just "pencil whip". I also asked some members of the AP how the process works so I can better understand. Waiting on that reply.
  3. I noted the juniors on a different post and it is perplexing. There is no way on gods green earth that any list, and I mean any list, which recognizes All State Juniors would not include at least one Chatard Junior player. Something is wrong with this. Maybe the process? Maybe the members of the IFCA could think through this a bit and come up with something that is much more reflective of reality. Not sure how that happens and would love to hear thoughts on that as well. Minimum of 2 if not 4 or 5 juniors who easily could have, and should have, made that list.
  4. So, I have been wondering the same thing + a few other questions regarding this. I have talked to some folks who have inside knowledge on how the voting works and how the voting took place. It appears the process does not work well for players who happen to be on teams which are head and shoulders above every other team in the class, like Chatard this past year. If you review the data (Max Preps, not perfect I know, but its what I have) - Kyle Cheek was absolutely, at a minimum, an Honorable Mention in 3A for QB. I would contend that he earned significant All-State consideration. Kyle Adams was excellent and more than deserving. However, Kyle Cheek would be right there in 3A and probably the state (all classes). Through November 20th, I took ALL the QBs in the state and sorted out the top 50 based on passing yards. Then, I ranked those remaining 50 based on QBR. Not perfect, but enough of a picture to support my assertion. Here would be the top 10: Name Pos Yds Yds/G Comp Att Pct TD Int Rate G Logan White - Sr QB, P 3802 345.6 261 344 0.759 42 6 143.7 11 Rylan Metz - Sr QB, FS 2576 234.2 190 270 0.704 31 4 132.6 11 Kyle Adams - Sr QB 3938 328.2 294 407 0.722 55 10 131.9 12 Maximus Grimes - Jr QB 1886 235.8 113 177 0.638 19 2 130.8 8 James Arnold - Jr QB, MLB 3168 264 158 271 0.583 43 6 129.7 12 Kyle Cheek - Sr QB 1978 152.2 147 222 0.662 29 4 126.5 13 Alex Stirn - Sr SS, QB 1894 157.8 118 190 0.621 24 4 126.2 12 Garrett Yoon - So QB 2332 179.4 140 218 0.642 28 8 124.5 13 Luke Goode - Jr QB 2778 231.5 175 286 0.612 27 2 122.1 12 Bailey Parker - Sr FS, QB 2730 210 205 323 0.635 39 6 122 13 Kyle Cheek did get an All-City nod, but you could make the case he was the best QB in the city as the QB who won Player of the Year stats would have ranked at #30 in the state, using the above math. Then, IFCA all state limits coaches to 5 nominees. I understand the spirit of the rule, but when a team clearly is better than every other 3A team during a season, doesn't it make sense that an exception could/should be made. Kyle was not even nominated due to the depth of talent on the team. The two all state, class 3A QBs do not even make the top 50 of this list. Not trying to say they don't deserve it, but the numbers suggest that Kyle Cheek sure does. So, not only was he not recognized in IFCA All State, I have to assume that the AP All State was a function of the press cutting and pasting rather than actually awarding based on performance as there is no way Kyle Cheek is not deserving of, at a minimum, Honorable Mention with the dozen or so QBs who made the list. SO, the way I see it - I agree - kid was more than overlooked and part of that has to do with a process which did not allow for him to even be considered. Ultimately, the team won State which is what the goal was, but history is written with Kyle Cheek "getting overlooked" due to the process, I think. An absolute shame. Happy to hear any thoughts/feedback.
  5. Or just leave and go somewhere else - a lot of postings and energy related to DT and that comment. Seriously, get over it and yourself. Not sure why you are so bent, but are there not better topics to cover? And, for your specific topic, then start your own forum with your own site. Is that direct enough? Jeez.
  6. To my knowledge, public schools do not hold open houses. Private schools do in order to communicate what they have to offer a prospective student and their family. Very common and appropriate. Now - on to your statement about recruiting...and understanding that I do not dodge the truth, rather I ask to understand the facts which support it (unlike many in today's environment). So, give me your facts to support your comment "Does that mean he recruited one of Chatard's historically best teams" - got anything?
  7. you are hilarious, not very smart or educated, but hilarious
  8. Absolute savant - Mike Dum - Chatard. Great young coach who has a very bright future. I would also add Kyle Dietrick and Rob Doyle Jr to that list. All three young, very smart, and excellent motivators and game planners!
  9. Wanna look at 3A QBs - here ya go... Yds Yds/G Comp Att Pct TD Int Rate Cheek 2263 150.9 166 252 0.659 32 4 127.4 Gelov 1412 128.4 120 190 0.632 14 3 103.7 Neal 1507 167.4 124 219 0.566 16 7 89 Seriously? AND - regarding Juniors - no way a list is complete without at least ONE Chatard player...
  10. If you look at the top 50 Indiana QBs (passing yards) and then from that 50 rank the top10 based on QBR - Adams is for sure there. The others (WeBo, Cathedral) do not make this list. These awards are part numbers, part coaches, and part politics/other non-football factors. Yds Yds/G Comp Att Pct TD Int Rate 1 3802 345.6 261 344 0.759 42 6 143.7 2 2576 234.2 190 270 0.704 31 4 132.6 3 3938 328.2 294 407 0.722 55 10 131.9 4 1886 235.8 113 177 0.638 19 2 130.8 5 3168 264 158 271 0.583 43 6 129.7 6 2263 150.9 166 252 0.659 32 4 127.4 7 1894 157.8 118 190 0.621 24 4 126.2 8 2332 179.4 140 218 0.642 28 8 124.5 9 2778 231.5 175 286 0.612 27 2 122.1 10 2671 242.8 168 270 0.622 31 8 121.1
  11. If you are going to make such rude and disparaging comments, then show your facts to support it. I highly doubt you have these facts and you tossing this around minimizes the hard work and dedication by the players, coaches, school, and community. Let me be direct - recruiting does not occur at Chatard. Again, if you have facts to support your comment, bring it. Otherwise, please stop with your negative bashing...its not fair and taints the shine of all the well deserved championships in our school history.
  12. Three more days. Three more days. So looking forward to this game at LOS. There is no doubt these two teams have prepared, worked hard, had huge levels of support and now get to showcase their talents downtown at the Luke. Very fitting to have #1 vs #2. Every player, family, and school will no doubt celebrate the accomplishments and will cheer loudly on game day. I expect a very physical game where HH may look to bleed the clock with its running game and keep Chatard's offense on the bench. How this unfolds will be a war of wills as Chatard's defense has been very stout all year. Something will have to give. I think the game really will come down to how HH plays defense and Chatard's ability to make adjustments to capitalize. They truly have the ability to move the ball quite a few ways and I am not sure HH will have enough to stop, or even slow, it. Also, understanding there are several two way players for HH, I would expect the game to potentially blow up in the second half. Both teams are deserving. Just think Chatard will be too much in the end.
  13. Among the most loathsome things I have ever seen written here. Please crawl back into whatever hate filled little hole you slimed up from. Entitlement breeds hubris Whether we like it or not, we have all been born into this world as part of one great human family. Rich or poor, educated or uneducated, belonging to one nation or another, to one religion or another, adhering to this ideology or that, ultimately each of is just a human being like everyone else. We all desire happiness and do not want suffering. --Dalai Lama
  14. Having different advantages or different levels of support is different than different rules or special treatment. I make it a fact driven debate because if you are going to disparage, then back it up. Otherwise, it is an opinion that unreasonably casts negative shadows on teams and programs that do it the right way and should not have to submit to blanket statements or false narratives.
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