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  1. I expect Chatard to fully win by several TD's. They have to take the recent loss out on someone
  2. I agree - the field held up well and was in good shape. Great job by those responsible in making it this way!
  3. Well - that is one way to look at it, I suppose. My take was that it was not a lack of effort, but more of how good Chatard was last year. There was talk that the rain impacted the outcome and I would agree. If the rain was not there last year, then I suspect Chatard would have won by a couple TD's...at least. This is a new year. I expect a great match up and great effort from both teams. Should be a close one, but I'm a homer - so I predict Chatard to be victorious and make it 2 in a row
  4. Probably correct, but then the next prediction would be is it gonna be another Irish fan or someone else :)
  5. There is no doubt that the Chatard game is huge for both schools and Indiana high school football in general. Should be fun. Very excited to see Chatard in this match up.
  6. IMO - your opinion is clouded with thick rose colored glasses. Cathedral is good, but you elevating them to that level is just crazy right now. Forget best in state, they currently are not even the best in 5a.....IMO. So funny 🙂
  7. Gibson Southern looks to be that team right now...especially if that young QB continues to develop
  8. Was my first time watching a game at that stadium - truly awesome venue and your crowd was more than into it! Trust me - I played so many "what if" scenarios since then, but...in the end...Memorial won. Tough, tough loss...probably easier to swallow if it was a closer score instead of the beat down which was not even remotely expected
  9. Although Memorial took Chatard to the woodshed last year, the reality is that Memorials offense did have their way with Chatard's defense. Anyone who saw that game knows that Memorial won big time, but that was not a function of their offense.
  10. Even with bias (and I have it) - lets be real - Chatard has performed extremely well so far against the #3 3A (at the time) Brebeuf team and the #4 4A North Wood team. Again, really early, but Chatard looks strong right now.
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