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  1. Yes sir - that will be the place for us - looking forward to it
  2. This year's team is all around very solid with 7 All-City players: Cheek - QB Taylor - RB Sowinski - WR Solomon - OL Assalley - DL Schrader - LB Mastrian - DB What makes this list so interesting are the players who are NOT on this list. Seriously, top to bottom very solid in all aspects (O, D, ST). This obviously does not mean anything as wins/losses are decided on the field. Regarding style. Certainly less pass this year vs. last two years, but absolutely more than the Coach L days where he ran 98% of the time. I would say 65/35 run/pass ratio. So far, this team is performing very well and the young men playing every Friday have earned every opportunity and success to this point. Looking forward to this Friday. Leaving a bit early to get a bite to eat before the game. Thanks to all with your suggestions regarding Ft. Wayne cuisine. Chatard 42 - Concordia 14
  3. Amen. There is no doubt. AND make sure you account for traffic in your travels so you have plenty of time to warm up :) Good luck to both teams. Should be a good match.
  4. Appreciate all the food suggestions - going up early as I have not been to Ft. Wayne in quite some time. Any insight on the field and the seating capacity? Grass/Turf? Plentiful seating capacity?
  5. Chatard / Cathedral game was a very good game and you trying to make it more or less while sitting in your mom's basement is hilarious. Both programs are having a great year. That game could have gone a lot of different ways, but at the end, Cathedral won. Props. Both schools could be at LOS in a few weeks, who knows. I have to admit that I wasn't sold on Cathedral at the beginning of the year, but they have athletes with tons of speed which covers for some of the fundamental flaws and execution. I think the New Pal game will be incredible and I really could see either team winning. New Pal will grind it and if they can stop the big plays, then I like their chances to win based on consistency of play. However, a couple of big plays by the Irish changes everything, so it will be a contest for sure. This time of year makes for some fun Friday nights!
  6. In a word to summarize this....STUPID. Well, lets also go with uneducated. There are schools who recruit, no doubt. However, I assure you that Chatard is not one of them. As a matter of fact the coaches are instructed to not bring up the school or program to grade school players...even with other schools right there touting their program and even to kids who are in parochial schools who should go to the north deanery high school. So, we are proud and I laugh at your comment. Sour grapes, I guess. Or, as I said earlier, perhaps just a stupid comment without any back up. Unless you have some to offer, of course.
  7. QB and WRs are more than good enough... Year Grade Team GP C Att Yds C% Avg Y/G C/G TD TD/G Int Lng QB Rate 19-20 Senior Varsity 11 129 199 1795 0.648 13.9 163.2 11.7 27 2.5 4 57 124.9
  8. The sectional of death comes to the finish line. Starting with the class 3A #s 1, 2, 3, 6, and 11 ranked teams, we now find #s 1 and 2 competing for the sectional championship. Very excited to see this game and glad it came down to these two very deserving teams. WL moves fast and has some real studs on both sides of the ball. Chatard is solid all around and will enjoy having home field for this contest. Come early as it is expected to be standing room only. Weather looks to be cold, a bit breezy, and perfect for this match up. Have not seen yet if this will broadcast, but would assume it has to be as it features #1 vs #2...
  9. Fair enough - not going down that rabbit hole. EM won and we lost last year. Period. Wanna bring up last year, fine. IMO - this year's Chatard team has been more than solid. Talking about EM who is in class 4A holds no value to me. I am more interested in WL, HH, SR, MM and the other teams still competing for state.
  10. Sectional 32 and Sectional 28 are just tough. Good luck to you vs. SR. We have our own battle with WL. Only three more days to game day!
  11. You should be damn happy you are in 4A this year cuz Memorial would be heading home for sure this year. AND, yes, you won last year...congrats. So much to say, but it is what it is. Let's see what good ol sectional 32 does this year! Oh yeah - and you lost at LOS,, soooooo.....
  12. No friggin doubt - ridiculous nonsense for sure!
  13. OMG - seriously, bringing up the Cathedral win again, eh. Okay, whatever. Not sure I understand your point, other than to be a burr, regarding performance of each school within their class playoffs and reg season. For your comment about "not in the same breath as a reformed 4A (sometimes 6A) Cathedral" - fine, I guess. You do you, we will focus on WL and 3A. Perhaps you stay in your reformed lane in 5A, sometimes 6A, would have mopped up 4A class with Cathedral. Seriously? Again, whatever.
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