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  1. Context is everything with Brohm. Flipped an awful program to two straight bowl games his first two years then had two years of unprecedented injuries/Covid. Was he perfect, no. Is he actually currently on a hot seat? Absolutely not.
  2. And you can argue that James Arnold, a 1A QB, should’ve been MVP for the north as well.
  3. The game really is closer if not for special teams mishaps. I talked to Grant after, and we agreed that most of these kids haven’t played special teams in several years. And I don’t recall, but does a long snapper get selected? That’s a big part of the game that all star guys like these, especially at bigger schools, don’t do. Maybe there’s a case to change up special teams? Then again, this may not be an issue in most years. This was the first game I’ve seen since it was South Adams heavy.
  4. That’s ridiculous he didn’t already have an offer. That kid starts at every high school in Indiana no question. Someone’s gonna find out about Wilson someday and he’s gonna be playing somewhere big, size be damned.
  5. As of now, still looking. That kid is one of the best athletes I’ve ever seen play high school football. And as a South Adams fan, gave me feel PTSD last night.
  6. It’s not even all that, its the love of the game for me. Most 1A guys aren’t playing in college and just play for the love of the sport and love for their teammates and community.
  7. Great interview with Grant, but it was for South Adams. Welcome to realm of small school football, football in its purest form.
  8. Sorry to ruin the thread about you boasting about your program. My bad, won’t happen again. Will stop talking about things I know nothing about.
  9. Someone’s triggered on a troll post on a thread started as a humble brag
  10. 1. Because that includes awards for all players, not just upperclassmen. That, along with honorable mention, is able to get more deserving kids involved. 2. It’s a cool honor that I want to see. I’m a South Adams fan, I want to see how many kids made it. We had our best year ever, and this is the final thing to finally close out this year. I know it’s no big deal, I should just be patient. It’s just annoying how it’s almost March and we can’t finish out football. I just want it done.
  11. And now we have completed wrestling season before getting these teams. Maybe they’ll be released before baseball finishes.
  12. He was a stud guard and linebacker for them. Reeve Muncie Carroll is going to play football at Saint Francis and is in the heavyweight finals.
  13. Unless this pops this weekend, the we will have officially hit Valentines Day before putting the final stamp on football season.
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