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  1. 1. Because that includes awards for all players, not just upperclassmen. That, along with honorable mention, is able to get more deserving kids involved. 2. It’s a cool honor that I want to see. I’m a South Adams fan, I want to see how many kids made it. We had our best year ever, and this is the final thing to finally close out this year. I know it’s no big deal, I should just be patient. It’s just annoying how it’s almost March and we can’t finish out football. I just want it done.
  2. And now we have completed wrestling season before getting these teams. Maybe they’ll be released before baseball finishes.
  3. He was a stud guard and linebacker for them. Reeve Muncie Carroll is going to play football at Saint Francis and is in the heavyweight finals.
  4. Unless this pops this weekend, the we will have officially hit Valentines Day before putting the final stamp on football season.
  5. Guess we aren’t having them this year. Oh well.
  6. Is this week finally the week? This is ridiculous, we’re closer to Valentines Day than Thanksgiving. There’s no reason to wait two months to release all state teams.
  7. You’re the one throwing the fit over a name change that a school did voluntarily.
  8. When do the all state teams get released? It was released around this time last year. And why does it take over a month after our season is over to do these?
  9. So you got one name popping up in a cornfield spanning 20+ years? Ok
  10. As far as shifty and speed, never seen that before in high school. I don’t have too much history watching a lot of IN high school football, but Wilson’s the best I’ve seen. Which is annoying, I’ve seen people post to “get better” when that’s something that absolutely cannot just get better at. Yes, I’m sure Wilson works hard, but a lot of that is God given ability that doesn’t pop up much out in the cornfields.
  11. I don’t care about them, they don’t has as much invested in their football program. Stud athletes aren’t looking at Park Tudor for football. Giving examples of small private schools that don’t attempt to be great at football is a weak excuse for the CCs, Lutherans, and Luers of the world. Saying Park Tudor struggles doesn’t take away the fact of CCs advantage. And what difference does it mean to Park Tudor if they also go 2A? They’ll lose the same games there too.
  12. The issue as it pertains to the broad subject is that CC had an opportunity to get a kid of Wilson’s caliber at all due to being an Indy school and still compete at 1A. Yes, south adams has got some kids moved in over the years, but at best they are all ACAC or even honorable mention all state players coming from other small town communities. Wilson was one of the best running backs I’ve ever seen, and he was playing 1A. You have to be delusional to think private schools in metro areas have the same 1A limitations that the county 1A schools of Indiana have. And I am not saying CC recruits, the
  13. There is not near enough members from the 1A title game. I can be a homer and say not enough Starfires on here, but how does Trey Flatt or Michah Wilson for CC not make it? They were some of the best 1A players I have ever seen.
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