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  1. For the school to inevitably be shut down
  2. Lol, it was just fine for the one single game, but has been a mess ever since. A full off-season of recovery and it still isn’t fully back yet. Hopefully turf soon!
  3. Yes, want more of this. Assists big time in upsets.
  4. What excuses are you talking about? AC won twice last year, I’m just providing evidence that could possibly lead to SA over North Judson. I’m not saying SA over everybody, I’m just fighting back on your arrogance that our ranking is only piggy backing off AC.
  5. The arrogant statement I was referring to was the previous one, not so much anything you posted. Probably didn’t need to go in my reply to you. And absolutely nothing against North Judson, I agree they probably are better on paper than SA because of what was lost. I’m just fighting back on SA not being deserving, because that pissed me off. SA could be ranked third, could be ranked tenth, doesn’t matter to me. It’s being called out for not being deserving, especially someone suggesting it’s only a piggyback off AC. Also want to note SA still returned 7 on offense and 6 on defense, so it’s not like it’s a clean sweep of new guys. That doesn’t include one guy on each side of the ball with a start or two. And also returning a QB that threw for 1600 yards and 20 touchdowns as a sophomore.
  6. Why would that way of thinking be seriously flawed? AC put a running clock on North Judson last year by halftime, while the SA regional game was only 21-0 before the wheels completely fell off on the 4th quarter. The statements regarding SA on their ranking on basis to AC is incredibly arrogant based on SA’s body of with the past 5-6 years.
  7. Are you saying SA only gets prestige for being associated with AC? Yes, AC in recent history has had our number, but we have also won three straight sectionals, 10+wins 3 straight years, 7+ wins for 6(?), and are still consistently ending games early. SA has earned the benefit of doubt for early poll placements.
  8. I only saw the replay, but I thought Garrett didn’t look like they knew how to play football. Or at least they gave up pretty early. AC obviously looked good, but I still have no clue how good. The Eastside game will be much more telling.
  9. I think they only do Bellmont home games since they’re the third option here.
  10. South Adams scrimmaged Luers, Columbia City, and Mississinewa and held their own against some great competition.
  11. Felt that squeeze this summer for wrestling. Had very little participation from the high schoolers so they “wouldn’t be sore” for a 7 on 7 they would have in 3 days. As a fan, it gives me something to follow waiting for football to start up. But some of these kids are getting caught up and cocky scoring a few times with no tackling or no lines and shirking any other summer activity for football.
  12. I arrived with the full team, coaches and managers to sectional. They did a head count and proceeded to have us pay after that.
  13. I would say you should have enough coaches to cover all 3 or 4 mats in case you have a wrestler on every single one of them. Like you don’t need 15 like Brownsburg does, but SA we have 6 for 14 varsity guys and we’re all always running around at tournaments.
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