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  1. When will this be released? It was out a week earlier this time last year.
  2. Both only lose a few seniors, but they were impactful. South Adams loses linebackers Grady Sprunger and Nic Stuber, guard Caleb Augsburger, and tackle/de Braden Baumer. Linebacker may be tougher to fill, but South Adams has enough depth to move some guys around. They lose two starters on the oline, but return 5 guys who have played significant varsity oline. As stated earlier, SA brings back the qb and every skill position. The key is how they are going to be able to adjust to AC punching them in the mouth, both in coaching and toughness. I’m not as familiar with AC, but they do lose Schwaller the Qb and safety, Voirol at de/te, Dalton Gerber at corner and Faurote and Witte(?) I think as a lineman. I think there’s another senior or two in their. They are going to be damn good next year, Heyerly is a certified stud. Watching him wrestle, that kid is not built like most sophomores. Currie is looking like Logan Macklin-lite.
  3. Hobart fans tried talking trash like this last week and look what happened to them...
  4. Heyerly is an absolute stud, but he is still a sophomore. He should’ve just kicked the ball out of the end zone and saved 5 points.
  5. The success factor works just fine, this is you selfishly wanting to see those matchups.
  6. James passing numbers this year are better than any of the career passing leaders in South Adams history. I think Harvard is giving him a look, and seems to have the size and ability of a potential D-1 guy.
  7. Put some numbers to this, last week Madison Grant held SA to less than 5 minutes of offense in the first half. That yielded 47 points. Arnold has been sacked once this year, and that appeared to be a broken play. As far as weather, looking like a pretty nice night for some football.
  8. I have a ton of confidence in the Starfires, but I’m still not getting much sleep this week.
  9. You seriously make this forum unreadable with your bs
  10. I'd probably have Union City making the Sec 43 final over Madison Grant, and I have a feeling Busco is going to beat Southwood tomorrow.
  11. My favorites from a few years ago when South Adams upset Woodlan who was ranked number one to end the regular season. They had just lost a few weeks prior to Woodlan 36-3(?) and I didn’t even bother coming back from college to watch that game, I stayed there and watched the webcast. I had the whole dorm rattling I was yelling so much. It was the most inspired football I’ve ever seen, where a team that is outmanned but pulls it out on pure heart and guts.
  12. No, your outliers are P/P schools that can recruit kids in a wider base, and that base is also Indianapolis. South Adams would have major violations for recruiting if it attempted that.
  13. At small schools, there's nothing to develop if you don't happen to have at least some talent. South Adams ebs and flows as a program because some years the talent just isn't there. You can develop a good program from youth through high school, but sometimes the talent simply isn't there. You're more likely to pull that talent from 1000 kids rather than 300, which is why numbers matter. The Chatard's and Cathedral's are outliers because they are P/P, the school size is smaller, but they still have a large talent pool to work with in terms of bringing kids in.
  14. 48 on the roster and that’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. And that’s out of at best 180 boys, which the number is probably less because some recent grades haven’t had as many boys.
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