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  1. I arrived with the full team, coaches and managers to sectional. They did a head count and proceeded to have us pay after that.
  2. I would say you should have enough coaches to cover all 3 or 4 mats in case you have a wrestler on every single one of them. Like you don’t need 15 like Brownsburg does, but SA we have 6 for 14 varsity guys and we’re all always running around at tournaments.
  3. Ok, we’ll at least there’s some common ground. I might be stretching a little thin, cause in my head I’m comparing Crown Point for wrestling to South Adams for football. SA didn’t have enough people on the field to meet the limits a Center Grove would. But even then, that’s still dumb. If you absolutely need to restrict the sideline numbers, the least you could do is spot tickets for the kids that have to be in the stands.
  4. First, let’s be real there are 15-20 man staffs where they coach max 25-30 kids. But my main point here, is how many of those coaches that out time, effort and energy into those kids had to pay to get in to sectional. Sectional has 14 wrestlers and they only allow 2 coaches in free. Why is that? What’s the difference between sectional football and sectional wrestling? I think so, but either way why is the coach/school getting charged to coach their kids? I keep coming back to what’s the difference between these sports?
  5. But did you have to pay to get in to sectional to coach your thrower? I understand not getting to get to hang out in the high traffic areas at state, but did they make you pay to coach at early stages of the tournament?
  6. Were football coaches denied at state? Any of them have to pay for a ticket? I wonder if they make the jv kids pay because they’re spectating on the sidelines?
  7. Wrestling right now is being treated as a joke by the IHSAA. Right now on Indianamat, we are discussing how differently coaches are treated come state time. Our wrestling team come sectional time only allowed three coaches, and myself as a volunteer assistant had to pay my way in. Surely this doesn’t happen for football or basketball, and all the coaches get in? And now they are only allowing two coaches per three kids in the finals.
  8. This thread had my heart pumping! Rooting for the future Boilermaker! Sounds like it would’ve been a fun game to watch….
  9. I have no clue what the hell your trying to say here. I’m just saying, this crap has been pulled by Ole Miss linemen since July, and obviously their coaches haven’t been able to do anything about it.
  10. This isn’t the first time 62 pulled crap like that. He had to be kicked out of a scrimmage at SA this summer for doing the same thing against Luers.
  11. Wow, what a problem to have. Having so many kids you actually can’t dress them all. - any 1A football fan reading this thread
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