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  1. Young guy here but honest question, can a team join a conference (MIC) in one sport but stay in another conference in other sports? I know New Pal has a good softball team but this post is mainly for them and chatard
  2. If this is true then I would take my prediction back and say that Preston Terrell would be my new front runner.
  3. Not sure what all Homestead is bringing back but I would guess that Luke Goode will be a top candidate next year.
  4. Noblesville has not had a football season where they have finished above .500 in the last 15 years. I like the Sharpe hiring because he is willing to change things up (whether he is successful or not will not be known until next year). I think that it is ridiculous to criticize what Sharpe will bring to Noblesville, when nothing has worked in a long time. Hopefully he can finally establish a football culture there without politics getting in the way.
  5. I also think Cathedral also could have won 6A this year. I think them, Carmel, and Center Grove are all pretty even.
  6. It will be interesting. It is almost expected that new pal’s lines on both sides of the ball will be top notch because of the strenuous strength and conditioning program that Ralph has. I will be curious to see what Roth and his younger receivers have in store next year. Good luck to your son at Toledo and I look forward to seeing what King does at Michigan state. I know Spegal was great but everyone knows that New Pal was a force even before he transferred there.
  7. Do not get me wrong, I do respect talent. However, I also respect investment and dedication, and right now New Pal can not be beat when it comes to dedication. I look forward to seeing what happens next year, but right now New Pal has the throne and has a lot of pressure for next year because they are losing 6-7 key players that I am not sure if they can be replaced.
  8. I get that this website is to debate, ponder what if’s, etc. However, New Pal has been the best team in the state ( no matter the class) for the last 2 years and idk how you can debate. Warren central was great with bell and I would have paid good money to see warren central play new pal last year but I still give new pal the edge. This year, I honestly think Valpo gave them their biggest challenge because of that amazing defensive line. New Pals defense is too disciplined and too good to get beat. They can stop the pass with hook, large, and luker and their rushing attack is just exhausting (coming from a coach that has scouted them for 3 of the last 4 years). If you think New Pal’s play style is not interesting or you don’t like them for some other reason, then fine. But you can not say that they are not the pound for pound best team until someone in 5A or a 6A opponent in regular season beats them. Valparaiso would have won 6A in my honest opinion.
  9. Western Boone has to be one of those 3 or 4 teams that have improved as well as Center Grove being able to make up 19 points with just one player 😂
  10. I am very upset for my own selfish purposes. I thought this game would be a nail biter and it is an absolute blow out. Western Boone is putting an end to last year’s controversy (I still thought they were better last year). Time to get ready for 4A title game.
  11. I would agree that New Pal and Valpo were the 2 top teams in the state this year regardless of class and it was a pleasure to watch their battle lastly night. 2 outstanding programs!
  12. Before the tournament started, I would have said Webo by at least 2 TDs, but Eastbrook has been on a roll in the tourney and this team looks special and could be Adamson’s team to finally win it all. Most intriguing state game in my opinion in terms of both teams being dead even. I’m going to say Webo by 1, but would not even bet $5 on it.
  13. As great as Valparaiso’s defense is, I think New pal wins by 2 touchdowns. New pal is the best overall team in the state.
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