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  1. Best hire by Noblesville in the last 20 years and I think portage turns the program around starting this year. Great conversation starter DT, much better than the contraction conversations 😉
  2. It was a tough group and I think there are about 20 groups that could argue for their spot amongst history in the last 100 years. I love the debate here but I think it’s too broad to come up with 1 best team
  3. Sheridan had a couple in 1A in 1998 and then 2005-2007, Bishop Luers had many as well.
  4. Your logic as far as a spectator makes sense but I still really think that every school should should deserve the opportunity to compete no matter what their talent is. Imagine a school that is 0-9 that has 1 division 1 athlete and 1 d3 athlete coming up, they could easily be 3-6 the next season or a 4-5 team. I enjoy the conversation but there is always going to be someone on the bottom.
  5. This could definitely push more kids to individual sports such as wrestling but I still think that it won’t dramatically change football numbers.
  6. All politics aside, I do not think that the coronavirus will speed up contraction (At least I hope). I think all schools are negatively being impacted and I saw a post on Twitter about this football season will be where we really see who is committed to being a champion and doing the right thing when NO ONE is watching. I certainly feel for the Seniors now and the juniors (future seniors next year) have a tough task ahead.
  7. Can coaches that took this year off but plan to coach next year sign up? When signing up, it has a box that asks for how many assistant coaches I want to add, when I am not a head coach. It does not give me to option to select “0”. Thanks for any help!
  8. Young guy here but honest question, can a team join a conference (MIC) in one sport but stay in another conference in other sports? I know New Pal has a good softball team but this post is mainly for them and chatard
  9. If this is true then I would take my prediction back and say that Preston Terrell would be my new front runner.
  10. Not sure what all Homestead is bringing back but I would guess that Luke Goode will be a top candidate next year.
  11. Noblesville has not had a football season where they have finished above .500 in the last 15 years. I like the Sharpe hiring because he is willing to change things up (whether he is successful or not will not be known until next year). I think that it is ridiculous to criticize what Sharpe will bring to Noblesville, when nothing has worked in a long time. Hopefully he can finally establish a football culture there without politics getting in the way.
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