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  1. On the Head Coach Openings 2020 page, it should state: Cory Stoner PROMOTED He has been an assistant for quite some time at JHS. Congrats Cory and best of luck!
  2. Not sure the number of applicants will equal quality candidates. They'll get it "filled", but will it be a good hire that MIGHT have the opportunity to at least change the culture, skills, ability, etc. Obviously the fine arts magnet being at Clay hinders the football program, but no one wants to talk about that!
  3. Redistricting South Bend will only be a possibility if the district takes into consideration desegregation laws. "It wasn’t until 1981, when the federal government filed a lawsuit against South Bend Community School Corp., that a desegregation plan was enacted. The policy relied on dividing the district into pie pieces and busing students." - (From the South Bend Tribune Archives) Busing students all across town will ALWAYS take place in South Bend as long as they intend on not breaking the federal desegregation law (in other words being in compliance with the law).
  4. WHME Channel 46 in Northen Indiana reports that David Sharpe, former HC at John Glenn and LaPorte, is expected to be named the next HC at Noblesville School Board Meeting tonight.
  5. Fair enough...the calling to "go home" could be there, but I can only imagine what Jimtown would have to offer in terms of support, salary, staff, etc. for him to consider it.
  6. Why would Keith Kinder leave a 2 time sectional championship team/school with great facilities, awesome support, large fan-base, full time strength & conditioning coach on staff, etc. to go back to Jimtown which has numbers dwindling and community apathy for the sport? Baugo has CHANGED since the glory days and the one's there KNOW it, but the one's still living in the past can't accept it.
  7. Drubbing of St. Joe? They beat St. Joe 28-14 and 21-7 in 2010 & 2011. AND, in the 2010 game, Chatard was up 14-7 and St. Joe was driving only to have the ball snapped over the QB's head for a scoop and score...a 14 point swing.
  8. Mike Davidson at Mishawaka Marian...19-6 in two season...he is the HC and DC and over the course of those two years his defenses have averaged giving up only 9.8 pts/game. Not to mention he has won 2 sectionals a regional and is playing for another regional championship tonight. Pretty impressive.
  9. I was the quarterback on that team...and YES, we RARELY threw the ball, but it was our ONLY option as our running game was stuffed in the 1st half. Besides winning such a thrilling game, the second best memory of that game was after. The SB Tribune and The NW Indiana Times asked Coach Smith and myself to stick around in our "makeshift locker room" by the football field (it was a garage). We were both interviewed about the game and walked out of the garage expecting the school bus to be there so we could hitch a ride back to Valpo High School to change/warm up for our trip home. When we walked out we realized the bus had already went back to the school and Coach Smith and I RAN back to the high school because it was so cold. It was the ONLY time I ever saw Coach Smith run. Side Note: Coach Smith was and is one of the all-time greatest men to ever coach in Indiana!
  10. Yes you've coached your kids in Tiddly Winks? And just an FYI, definition of integrity is below...it has nothing to do with saying an opinion on a public forum that I believe to be honest and true. I'm done with you...that is all! noun 1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
  11. I am obviously NOT a bookie...congrats to New Prairie, but also to the Rockies...well played and gave them all they wanted. Hope none of you called Vegas! LOL Side note: Gold Rush...have you ever coached ANYTHING besides your sons/daughters youth tiddly wink team? C'mon man...you're still living in 1985 with your screen name.
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