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  1. 1. Why will Attica not field a team? Are you being facetious? Coach Good seems to have a very consistent program? 2. Why no mention of Fountain Central? Mustangs had an uncharacteristic down year but seem to have had few senior losses.
  2. Never did get an answer to the question "Is there a path back from contraction?" Is this a voluntary process on the part of the school, in which case a program could always be restarted if sufficient interest were generated? Or is this something to be enforced by the IHSAA? How does this all supposedly work?
  3. North Vermillion was 2-38 between 1974 and 1977. Should they have been contracted back then? If a program is "contracted", is there a path back from contraction? This appears to be nothing but a death penalty for lack of success.
  4. The difference in student body composition between public and private/parochial schools is undoubtedly a difference. With the category of "ghost students" you mention, that also includes a difference in parental population composition. I acknowledge your point.
  5. "I wonder if the person who started this thread found the answers he/she was seeking." The only thing I've learned so far is that Carmel and Westfield apparently have sushi bars at lunch. Also, private/parochial schools have better desserts at lunch. Both private and public schools seem to be capable of success. Tradition comes from success and success comes when talent meets the hard work of preparation. This is not new and is the basis of American society. If we care about something and work at it, we tend to get better at it. Is the advantage of private/parochial schools then that they are better at forming communities committed to sports success? If so, how does that explain some of the private/parochial schools that aren't as successful? Hmm???
  6. In the 1A championship game topic, it was stated that private schools should not be allowed to compete in 1A as they have too many "advantages"? What are these advantages? Private schools have to compete not just for football players but for literally their entire student body. The parents of these students all make sacrifices in time and money that public school parents simply do not have to make. The parents always have the option of deciding that these sacrifices are too much and simply walking away. There is always a public alternative that the parents have already paid for anyway with their own tax money. The facilities at private schools are often not their own. Covenant Christian HS uses the Zionsville West Middle School field as its home field. In 2016, Lutheran had to move its regional game against Fountain Central to Beech Grove's field as Lutheran's old home field was simply not that good of a field. How is playing on a field that's not your own an advantage? I will grant that many 1A public schools have stretched resources. They are at least guaranteed a student body from year to year and have their own facilities rather than borrowing someone else's. Once again, what advantages do private schools supposedly have?
  7. If tradition and all of that is important, then where was it last year when Pioneer was feeding you people your own turf (November 2, 2018 Pioneer 70 LCC 7)? If Lutheran's field goal attempt doesn't hit the upright, then you people are going back up I65 licking your wounds and crying the blues. You won a close game, so give yourself some credit (like that isn't going to happen) and count your lucky stars. You escaped with a win. Be thankful
  8. Congratulations to Lafayette Central Catholic. They won a close game and played better when it counted.
  9. I've seen them both play this year. Lutheran is better. 11 points better. Il Duce predicts Lutheran 35 Central Catholic 24.
  10. Lutheran had close calls with Cascade and Covenant Christian. Senators' coaching staff has doubtless given these games some study. Saints can be had through the air. Coach Pasch has doubtless also done some study. He will hopefully have the Saints focused. At this level, they will need all the focus they can get.
  11. My team had a good run, then got over-scheduled and eventually underwent contraction. At least I didn't get nuked, unlike Harry Tojo.
  12. I've seen both Lutheran and Central Catholic play. Lutheran is better. This is not 2011. This is 2019. If Central Catholic gets past the Flying Jets, they will go back to Lafayette 5-1 at Lucas Oil Stadium.
  13. The winner of this game will have the privilege of losing to Indianapolis Lutheran in finals. Hope Flying Jets win because they have a cool nickname, but the Saints will prevail. Unless West Washington pulls a huge upset of course. Things like that happen.
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