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  1. What he is getting at is that If Pioneer would have stayed down this year they would win 1A which would be 4 in a row. its like saying if we stayed down we would have won 6 in a row which I know we would have
  2. The coaching staffs of both Indy Lutheran and LCC have come together and will Honor Coach Bowsman of West Washington with Helmet Stickers that read #WWeFamily. It was important for the coaches to show support for one of there coaching brothers. Also to show support for West Washington during this difficult time.
  3. Prayers to the West Washington Football team and to the whole community during this difficult time. The coaching staffs of both Indy Lutheran and Lafayette Central Catholic felt it was important to honor coach Bowsman. So Both Indy Lutheran and LCC will be wearing helmet stickers with #WWeFamily in honor of coach Bowsman This Friday. Peace be with you All
  4. I think one Advantage LCC will have is in the kicking game. Gallo can hit from 40-45 out So in a close game that could be huge
  5. Pretty soft if you ask me. I know the Letter of the law is that he should be suspended for this weeks game. Heard from some officials that have seen the video and they would have not ejected him for this. My opinion on this he would not have been ejected if the Assistant Commissioner weren't present for the game. I believe we still have weapons without roach. We also didn't have Ty Schrader playing last week in which is our leading rusher. Roach not playing won't hurt us as much as some would think
  6. Going to be close. Sagrin has it even right now. I will be contrasting styles with LCC likes to throw and Adams Central likes the wing T. Both teams have faced those type of offense's this year. The only advantage I see LCC having is home field. Should be a good game.
  7. LCC game has been moved to Saturday due to the girls team playing in the Futball state finals
  8. I really believe Knights football is back. they have some talent coming from the 8th grade next year and paired with the young talent that's there its going to be fun going to games again. they are believing they can win now
  9. LCC Beats Western 21-20 in a great Game. LCC's first 6 plays led to punt and 2 turnovers. After going down 20-0 in the first minute of the 2nd quarter coach Nay called timeout and lit a fire in knights. Knights came out of the timeout with a new attitude and marched down the field for the first score. From there the defense played lights out and shut the Panthers out the rest of the way. Huge win Headed into the tourney
  10. At Lafayette central catholic they put in a school rule due to many kids playing multiple sports. the rule put in place for the coaches is this. Monday- Fall sports Tuesday- Spring sports Wednesday- Winter Sports Thursday- Athlete choice which practice to go to Now these are evening sessions. This doesn't include weights in the mornings for Football. Soccer doesn't lift and all the girl coaches get a personal trainer for all the girl sports team to run a conditioning program. they do this because so many do multiple sports and its easier to get girls to a combine workout instead of multiple conditioning sessions for multiple sports
  11. Here is a Idea. Have a Mr Football for each class.
  12. You have to let them do what they want. Foxbat can attest to my story. I coached both my son's in football for years. Oldest son played as a freshman and was apart of LCC 2009 State Championship. I seen something in the following spring that he wasn't in to football anymore. I asked him if he had a choice between soccer and football what we chose. He thought about it and wanted to play soccer but never said anything to me. He thought I wouldn't let him because is was very involved in coaching football. He played soccer for three years and became a top 5 career goal scorer and hold the single season goals scored. Now he is the head coach of LCC soccer program and has the most wins by a coach. But this would have never would have happen if I didn't have that conversation with him. My other son, who was a starting lineman and getting some looks to play college football, Decided to play soccer his Senior season. He went from starting on the 2015 state team, on the biggest 1A line that year to soccer. people thought he was crazy for doing this. We heard things like How is a kid that is 6'2 270 going to be any good at soccer and that it was a waste. Well he was very good and ended the season with 6 goals including the sectional game winner against westside. It was the first ever for the school and he did it with his older Brother as his coach. It was the best season ever for me and there mom watching the both of them. My point is you have to let them do and be what they want. You never know what could be if you don't. They now Both coach The soccer team.
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