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  1. I deserved that. Not the game I was hoping for. However, I’m glad we were part of the conversation and not just watching from the outside. Lick our wounds and will get back to work for next season. Good luck to Stinktown in the rest of the tournament!
  2. It’s almost time!!! The excitement is killing me! I have a great feeling tonight! These boys are on a roll and will ride the wave tonight! Good luck Trojans! Let’s compare trophies on Monday! and good luck to our cousins, the Milan Indians!
  3. This sounds like Donald Trump is behind this Coffin K9 account! #HangtheBanner
  4. Thank you for picking against the Pirates again. Your pick is the kiss of death for any team other than the Bad Boyz. Our QB is on fire right now! About 260 total yards and 5 TD’s! That’s something to take note of...the Tigers will have to choose which barrel of the Blunderbuss offense they want to try to stop...over 1000 passing yards and nearly 2500 rushing yards...stop one and the other will attack. A nearly perfect game will need to be played. But I think the Bucs are ready. As @Tanka Jahari said in another thread... ”In the Indiana high school football tournament anything isn't not possible on any given Friday night.” I will hold hope for another week. Your Trojans will need to work this week to fix a few things. I am confident that they will right the ship and do the EIAC proud in the 4A bracket. I foresee Blue, Red and Black in regional! We will make believers out of the Stinktown!
  5. Well, well, well... everyone jumped ship on the Blue Bucs...everyone except me...the 8ball doesn’t lie! now for this week??? EC vs. Mooresville I agree with the clown. EC had their hiccup. I think they will come back from this past week determined and will play a much better football game...they better or they may be joining the Bulldogs and watching from outside the lines. Stinktown vs. Pirates This could be a good game, but I do believe that after this week I will have to become an EC guy as I don’t think the pirates can overcome the Tigers. They are too strong up front and their passing/run game balance will prove too much for the Bucs. Wait a minute! That’s the Pirate pops talking (I’ve already had about 12 this morning and there’s plenty of Pirate pops left)...Lawrenceburg will be stunned this week...just like Batesville tried to act like they were shocked that they lost. the Pirates are playing inspired football right now! Emotion carries them...lawrenceburg will over look the Pirates and they will plunder stinktown and bring the sectional championship aboard the Pirate Ship!
  6. Sorry Bobref. Didn’t mean to upset you. Just making a comment from info I’ve read here. In general, I know that players are human and can make mistakes and draw flags from officials I would think that it is also agreeable that refs are humans too and can have bad games where they make mistakes as well. Perfection by either can not be expected. And I would say that referees are second only to weathermen in the acceptance of incorrect calls.
  7. Wow! What a night for football! Tigers blow by Charlestown. Trojans survive and beat Greenwood and the refs. And the Pirates prove that they are the best team in blue in the EIAC! As everyone else here lost faith in the Bucs and walked the plank changing their picks to Batesville they show that they are too much for the Bulldogs. Great job to all the EIAC teams! Oh yeah, @Coffin K9, my relatives in the WigWam won big, too! Now on to Sectional championship preparations for the BEST teams in the EIAC.
  8. There is no coming to senses. Only laughing as everyone changes their picks to save the delicate feelings of a few members of the board. I will let my previous picks stand. tigers, trojans and the mighty swashbucklers get another week of football. the Dawgz get to clean up the locker room, put away the equipment and wonder how they could have fallen this far from the mighty power they once were. enjoy the night and the rest of everyone else’s season!
  9. Oh no he didn’t play the 1954 Card...oh wait he did before he played the soccer card...Child please...
  10. K9...the party you are going to after the game...it’s called a wake...wear black. It’s the polite thing to do. Pay your respects to the Batesville 2019 football season.
  11. Fake news K9... your phone was hacked and these are all over the internet...
  12. I am still wondering what the rest of his camera roll looks like on his phone. Also wondering where he was to get pictures of the pink Pirates?!? Some sort of a parade? Its the last bark from a dying dog. After Friday night there won’t be much more for the blue Pups to talk about (besides Cherry Thing-a-Lings, caskets, and what store will go into the old Pamida center next month) so let him have his fun.
  13. I had to go back and look at this...I remembered saying that, but also know how some folks like to take things out of context...that kid is a great player. I’ve seen him live a few times and on rebroadcasts and he is a monster! And for the record...one player doesn’t make a team...one player can certainly change a game.
  14. 12 game season > 11 game season Pirates win the bragging rights over the Pups!
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