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  1. I’m so confused... are the Tigers Knights fans? are the Knights Tiger fans? where do the Batesville fans fall on this question??? Yeah...still confused.
  2. But when the Rats roll in looking like this, the Clown knows they can't get down! Sooooooo... the tigers are wearing white and the rats are wearing Pink? Did RB wash the white uniforms with the red pants again? Come on man! I guess it is October and Breast Cancer Awareness month...so KFI has that going for them.
  3. Well, here it is...the final week and one last regular season shake of the 8 Ball... Pirates vs. Lions The Lions will come to play, but the Pirates will be looking for redemption and are fighting for a winning record. Pirates will make the Lions walk the plank. Wildcats vs. Wildcats I’d take the Wildcats without a doubt! It is a no brainer...all in on the Wildcats. The green ones. Trojans vs. Hornets Trojan defense holds the Hornets to one score or less. The offense continues with a healthy dose of power running and efficient passing and puts up at least 35. Spartans vs. Bulldogs C ville will pull out all the stops. They will play with nothing to lose. I think they keep this one close and get that zero out of the W column. Spartans beat the wooden boxes. EIAC Game of the Week Boom Boom vs. Whiskey City This game will carry emotion, excitement and everything the gRANDest show on Turf (natural, not artificial) loves about Friday Nights. The Tiger clowns will be out in full force and I expect the ball to be flung around the field all night. These two teams will play with intensity Second only to the time they played EC. This should be a showdown and perfect ending to an EIAC regular season. BONUS: Saw this posted in another thread...KFI Senior in action. “Let’s slow ‘Er down.” “Please...Quit lookin’ in the backfield...read your keys. Alright? Ok? That’s the only thing hurtin’ us is the pass.” Close your eyes and you might think you are on the SD sideline! Without the blow up helmets, smoke bombs, pregame proposals, white jackets and late halftime arrivals of course. Classic football action back when the only thing bigger than the shoulder pads were the neck rolls!
  4. #Free_Z Anyone comment on the SD-Rushville game? Did RB pull out the Double Wing to put up 40? How is QB1? Did he play? Congratulations to WG and the JoJo’s on the win against the improving Bulldogs. Red and Black...well, you know. And the STC over Connersville? I saw the clown climbing down the stairs to Connie’s so I’m sure he was happy!
  5. Franklin County over Batesville Lawrenceburg over Connersville South Dearborn over Rushville East Central over Greensburg You’re right. The fun is gone this week. I even had a day where it said I was banned.
  6. The scene at the FC-SD game Friday night!
  7. Well I hope you are wrong. I enjoyed his brand of humor. The EIAC is quiet this week...here it is Tuesday night and only a handful of posts. Perhaps the calm before the storm?
  8. The 8 Ball doesn’t lie! Harsh...and I haven’t seen KFI around since the smack down at EC so I don’t know if he’s even around these parts anymore.
  9. I’ve found that the length of the camera tripod shaft is not the most important factor in getting good video. It is much more important what’s at the end of the pole that counts and also who is operating it. I’ve seen satisfying video from the longer tripods, but have also seen some impressive footage from someone with the much smaller systems such as the Manfrotto 504HD with aluminum legs, mid spreader and a padded bag. That is a professional rig! What size system do you use, Tanka Jahari? I assume you are a videographer yourself?
  10. I’ve seen EC’s kicker win a game for them in overtime against their toughest opponent to date. She is quite impressive! Lawrenceburg also had a female kicker from my memory. That’s two in one conference.
  11. Just heard Chuchie is now at $-73.69 after tonight’s Connie’s celebration of the El Tigre win.
  12. Like a Bengals fan, year after year, I bet ol’ KFI is back on here in a few weeks when SD and EC are playing in the Sectional with just as much hype and hoopla. That video is awesome... Very cool idea that I’m sure Vince McRand has some sort of hand in. Good to see you back KFI even if it is with a huge hunk of Humble Pie hanging out of your mouth! I bet RB and SD bring a bit of the fair with them tonight...I heard he packed up a trailer and is serving Elephant Ears, roasted corn on the cob and huge turkey legs in the parking lot...also explains why the clown has been quieter because he’s going with SD and will be making balloon animals for the kiddies in the stands tonight. SD wins the pregame for sure!
  13. Interesting... add the combined total and SD as a program didn’t beat EC’s freshman team... I agree with the quote above...it was just a quick trip through like a sack of White Castle sliders.
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