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  1. Eastside - However, I would love to see CN defense play lights out and stuff Eastside and play spoiler Fairfield - Fairfield wins by 21 Fremont - This could go either way Angola - Angola by 28 West Noble - WN will make a statement in this game. Busco's homecoming will be short lived when the chargers come to visit. Chargers have to many weapons this year and Busco will not be able to keep up
  2. My picks for this week: Angola Lakeland Eastside Busco West Noble
  3. CN - CN defense should keep it close Churubusco - Busco should easily win this one. Eastside - Eastside has a good team this year. It will be hard for Garrett to contain Eastside's QB in this one. Angola - Angola will get first win. Still a very tough team. They have the size and talent to win from here on out West Noble - WN keeps it rolling
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