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  1. My pick minus the Fairfield game: I am going with Angola over Dekalb. The Hornets have been on a roll, and I don't see them slowing down in this game. Eastside over Heritage. I think it will be close to a repeat of last year. Garrett over PH. Garrett only won two games last year, and PH was one of them. Lakeland over Wawasee...I just feel like Wawasee has a ways to go to turn things around.\ Fremont over Southern Wells...Fremont actually beat Wells at the end of last season....they start this season doing that again. West Noble over Central Noble...rumor has it that WN will be the team to beat this year in the NECC along with Angola. Churubusco over Whitko...Busco always starts strong...and they continue a 4th year in a row with a win over Whitko.
  2. Looking forward to hosting Goshen this week. No predictions, but those Falcons have been working hard!
  3. This weeks match-ups are: Angola at Dekalb Eastside at Heritage Garrett at Prairie Heights Goshen at Fairfield Lakeland at Wawasee Southern Wells at Fremont West Noble at Central Noble Whitko at Churubusco What are your thoughts and predictions? Looking forward to a GREAT season.
  4. Fairfield is way up in numbers compared to last year.
  5. Here are your divisions: Big School Angola Fairfield Garrett Lakeland West Noble Small School Central Noble Churubusco Eastside Fremont Prairie Heights 1. How are everyone's numbers looking in preseason camp? 2. What are your predictions?
  6. These are my preseason NLC rankings...based on not enough knowledge, and far from any expertise, with no reasons at all besides what I have seen from each team in the off season: Mediocre Outsider's Preseason NLC Poll: 1. Warsaw (Love what's going on with the Tigers) 2. Concord (Always competitive) 3. Plymouth 4. Northridge 5. Northwood (Only because I think life without Yoder will be a little depressing) 6. Memorial (I think they might be a sleeper...I could see EM be a top 4 NLC team) 7. Goshen (No disrespect, just have to see improvement to move them higher). 8. Wawasee (Bottom of the NLC last year, and have a ways to go)
  7. Is that his family? If so, maybe there will be more like him coming up the ranks.
  8. I think the new divisions in the NIC football conference seem to be spot on. In 2018, the NIC was a tough conference, and this will just help the conference stay competitive.
  9. Maybe Rietveld should come back. Also, I am by no means a Warsaw fan, but I am excited to see what they bring to the table next year.
  10. Fairfield just needs to stay the course that Coach T is leading. These guys are working hard in the weight room.
  11. Excited that the region will be well represented.
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