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  1. Non-expert picks this week: Northridge 14 Memorial 21...I really like Memorial in this one, although I have been picking them all year and they keep losing. Against common opponents and on paper, Memorial actually seems to be the better team. Hard to go game to game though....I still think Memorial gets it done. Plymouth 38 Northwood 14....It's close at first, but once the Rockies settle in, it will be smooth sailing....Northwood has the home field advantage, but they have not done well this year against ranked teams. Warsaw 14 Concord 15 OT....I don't know...i just feel like the Minutemen will get this one. Wawasee 21 Goshen 7.....and Wawasee wins the battle of the bottom.
  2. These are my picks minus the Fairfield game: Angola 21 Eastside 14...I know Eastside has some speed at qb, but the Hornets have some speed on defense that will keep the Blazers in check. Bluffton 14 Lakeland 21...Bluffton has a much better record, but Lakeland has a stronger strength in Schedule....everything points to Bluffton winning, which is why I like the Lakers...go NECC. Garrett 21 Central Noble 20....the early extra point that CN misses will come back to get them. Garrett wins a close one. Prairie Heights 7 West Noble 42..a little lopsided in this one...this game doesn't help the Charger's strength of schedule right before playoff time. Frontier 21 Fremont 28...again, I like the NECC in this one, and Fremont has really improved this year.
  3. Also on Saturday: Saturday, Oct. 19 Frontier at Fremont, 1 pm
  4. This week's NLC games. (Chart from the John Harrell site) Friday, Oct. 18 Northridge at Memorial ©, 7 pm Plymouth at NorthWood ©, 7 pm Warsaw at Concord ©, 7 pm Wawasee at Goshen ©, 7 pm
  5. Here are this week's match ups...what are your thoughts and predictions? (Chart from the John Harrell site). Friday, Oct. 18 Angola at Eastside, 7 pm Bluffton at Lakeland, 7 pm Churubusco at Fairfield, 7 pm Garrett at Central Noble, 7 pm Prairie Heights at West Noble, 7 pm
  6. one* and one*....I apparently need to proof read a little bit more.... I just have winning on the mind...lol Love it....
  7. My picks minus the Fairfield game: Central Noble 14 Eastside 28....If CN contains the Eastside qb, it is a whole different ball game. Fremont 35 Prairie Heights 14...it's nice to see the Eagles improving this year. Garrett 7 Angola 45...Angola's strength of schedule prepared them for this one. West Noble 31 Churubusco 14....last year, WN was the ONLY NECC team to beat Busco...it isn't going to be as close this year. Busco has a good thing going, but the Charger defense will be ALL over Busco. Too much speed for the Eagles to block. ***Side note....WN is only allowing 12 points per game defensively. That ranks them 5th defensively in that category for 3A.
  8. My non expert picks this week: Memorial 35 Wawasee 14 Memorial finally plays an opponent that they are superior than...EM is the best one win team in the state...I will keep saying it. Goshen 0 Plymouth 42...tough sledding for the Redhawks...the windy weather keeps the Plymouth passing game in check. Northridge 14 Concord 21....the Minutemen do just enough to win this won. Warsaw 21 Northwood 14...Warsaw causes some Northwood turnovers that end up being the difference in this won. I actually wouldn't be surprised though if Northwood pulls this one out.
  9. This weeks NECC match-ups. What are your thoughts and predictions? (Chart from the John Harrell site) Friday, Oct. 11 Central Noble at Eastside ©, 7 pm Fairfield at Lakeland ©, 7 pm Fremont at Prairie Heights ©, 7 pm Garrett at Angola ©, 7 pm West Noble at Churubusco, 7 pm
  10. This week's NLC matchups: (Links from the John Harrell site). Friday, Oct. 11 Memorial at Wawasee ©, 7 pm Goshen at Plymouth ©, 7 pm Northridge at Concord ©, 7 pm NorthWood at Warsaw ©, 7 pm
  11. This week's non expert predictions: Concord 21 Plymouth 22 Double OT...my gut actually tells me that the Minutemen are going to win, but my head says,"Don't pick against Plymouth again!" Northridge 42 Goshen 0....Goshen has been down three years in a row now....i don't see them winning another NLC game in 2019...maybe 1 more. Northwood 35 Elkhart Memorial 42...disagree if you want, but Memorial has played a BRUTAL schedule so far...and both of these teams have beat Goshen by a ton and lost to Concord by a little....much more even match up than the records show...Northwood hasn't beat ANYONE with a winning record yet. (Northwood's opponents that they have beaten have a combined 7-17 record...Northridge being the best at 3-3) All of the teams Memorial has lost to have a combined 24-6 record. (With a 6-0 Concord being the best, and Warsaw, Plymouth, and Elkhart Central all sitting at 5-1) Wawasee 0 Warsaw 56...even though it's a rivalry, it'll be over at halftime.
  12. My picks minus the Fairfield game: Churubusco 28 CN 7...I would like to see it closer, but it will all depend on how well CN moves the ball. Eastside 21 Fremont 14....much closer than expected....Fremont plays well. Lakeland 0 West Noble 49...I don't think the Lakers will have the speed to match up with the Chargers. Angola A lot...PH...not a lot....sorry Panthers.
  13. This week in the NLC.. Chart from the John Harrell site: Friday, Oct. 4 Concord at Plymouth ©, 7 pm Goshen at Northridge ©, 7 pm NorthWood at Memorial ©, 7 pm Wawasee at Warsaw ©, 7 pm
  14. Here are this week's games. (Chart from the John Harrell site). What are your thoughts and predictions? Friday, Oct. 4 Churubusco at Central Noble ©, 7 pm Eastside at Fremont ©, 7 pm Fairfield at Garrett ©, 7 pm Lakeland at West Noble ©, 7 pm Prairie Heights at Angola, 7 pm
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