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  1. This is of course if one takes off from a location not controlled by the IHSAA, they can prohibit you from taking off from a tournament site property since you are on the ground.
  2. If that was true then smart phones need to be banned as I can do everything you mentioned with my phone. Also, the IHSAA does NOT own the airspace the FAA does and as long as your are flying in compliant with the rules such as: line of sight to UAV, under 400 feet or lower defined by FAA class C or B airspace, not directly over people, not after sundown (unless you have anti-collision lighting then you can fly in civil twilight which is 30 minutes after official sunset or if you have obtained FAA nighttime Waiver) or if doing commercially have a Part 107 FAA UAV certification. I understand the IHSAA most likely issued the notification for safety purposes but if one is flying in accordance with all the rules of the FAA then there is little the IHSAA can do about it. Also, shooting a UAV down can be considered a federal offense so those who suggested that may want to rethink.
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