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  1. Ctown - Love Charlestown Pizza Company before the game. Salem - Pizza joint on Main Street Perry Central - Can't go wrong with Marcys in Leopold. Great Ribs served only Friday and Saturday nights. Pizza is pretty good too.
  2. Add Corydon Central to the list per Brain Smith@TCD_brian sports editor of the Corydon Democrat. https://twitter.com/TCD_brian/status/1115776088213528578
  3. Any rumors on next head coaches for open spots? Seymour and Charlestown?
  4. Charlestown 3 impact on Offense Marion Lukes, Bo Braunecker, Devan Lukes. Braunecker should see single coverage while teams stack the box to stop Lukes. 3 on Defense Bo Braunecker, Deke Brown. Special Teams Devan Lukes Note for PLAC personal, Braunecker is the son of one of the Braunecker's that played at Perry Central in the late 80's
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