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  1. First time poster. Big EIAC fan. Just had to throw my two cents in on some of these predictions. EC/Greenwood: EC will finally defeat the running clock as the game will go a full four quarters. They will also defeat the Woodmen by three scores. Lawrenceburg/Charlestown: That Charlestown RB is the real deal, but their defense is under the radar – they get to the ball in a hurry. But the Tigers will make it a physical game, and Coach K will put another W on “his shelf in the room.” Greensburg/Batesville: Those coaches in Casket Nation have those young Bulldogs playing better every week. You have to give them props. But when your win total equals the win total of the opponents you have beaten this late in the year (4), it’s kind of hard to pick you. The Dawgs will come out fighting as Dawgs often do (just ask my Shih Tzu after he went after my neighbor’s Rott yesterday). Dawgs will have the same result as my Shihs. They fall in this one. They're still a year away. Greensburg will be playing someone for the title next Friday, barring any lightning delays. That weather system out there is nice. I heard SD was thinking about getting one, but Coach Boom said no way one of those things would handle his pregame pyrotechnics. Good luck to all.
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