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  1. An All-Eastern series, rotating games with Howard, Hancock, Greene and Washington Counties. One side of the bleachers shouts "We are Eastern." The other side chants back "So are we."
  2. I just discovered the thread on here, "Hoosier Conference 2019," which has even more good information on all this. Had I just seen that first, oh well, thanks to all who responded to my question. I am a product of one of the schools which was -- this is from a teenager's perspective, even though I'm old now -- kicked out of the Mid Indiana Conference because of how football playoff points were awarded. 2A schools received fewer points for a win over a 1A, and no points when we beat them. All we really knew is suddenly we were on longer bus rides, asking "Where is Whitko?" Those Three Rivers Conference schools were tough to beat. Especially any game at Death Valley. At the time the TRC was 1A schools but now it looks like it, too, is comprised of 1As, 2As, 3As. Western is 4A now? Wow. Their basketball gym wasn't very big! But, their teams were always good. Best wishes to all in the playoffs.
  3. Thanks! Makes perfect sense. And it looks like in the two cases of schools happening to meet up a second time, you got two more great games, even match-ups. And different results - just as Cass and West Lafayette "split," Hamilton Heights beat Twin Lakes 27 - 20 and then lost 28 - 21. The schools went down the line, 4 - 0, 3 - 1, 2 - 2, etc., which may not happen often. If all 2 - 2? I'm sure there are then "tie-breaking" measurements, such as PF, PA. Does the #1s game then count as THE conference championship?
  4. This is so regular season now, but... I noticed outstanding schools West Lafayette and Lewis Cass met twice, two weeks apart. As with the Nationals and Astros, there was no home-field advantage in these games. Now, one has a team that could go deep in the 3A playoffs, the other the same in 2A, so a good match-up/tune-up on the schedules. Is this common? And how did it develop that they played each other in football twice? Just curious. Thanks, CB
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