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  1. Blackford vs. Madison Grant: Blackford over madison grant by 3 scores. To many DUMB penalties for it not to be a bigger lead. Oakhill vs. Ol Miss: Ol Miss. Just because the look to be a little more athletic. OH could make it interesting if the manage 3yrds and a cloud of turf. Ole miss. By 2scores Alex vs. Elwood: Alex by 1 score because elwood plays pass defense and Alex thinks Mike leach is coming if they throw the ball enough. Eastbrook vs. Frankton When was the last time these two met when both were #1 in the CIC? 98 when they both joined? Eastbrook might be short staffed this week and playing more Jv players than normal. But they were going to be playing by mid second quarter anyhow. Eastbrook 56-0. (Good thing starters will be back come tournament time. That sectional is ours for the taking)
  2. BUSH LEAGUE! Your hear say needs to stay off GID! These rules were set last week by Irishuncle411 This is irrelevant to schedule, scheme and whatever else he/she determines are appropriate. MISSISSINEWA VS.. MADISON GRANT think mississinewa wins by 60 and madison grant has numbers issues. Alex vs. BLACKFORD. Alex by 7 because they can't take care of ball and Blackford is going the wrong way. FRANKTON VS. ELWOOD frankton if they keep running the ball, and elwood can't keep a coach. OAKHILL VS. EASTBROOK eastbrook by 35 because I'm not sure anyone in 2a can compete, yes even Tipton with and OC that was a backup at wisconson.(of course the OC portion is hear say, so take it for what is worth)
  3. Just thought I would ask I don't know much about the new coach or where he came from but hard to believe a program would pass up a good coach/classy person like him self.
  4. Elwood vs. Oak hill- have to think elwood having yet another coaching change hurts an already struggling program. Oak hill 56-0. (Elwood was at least .500 when Marty Wells was coaching and haven't been close since he was forced out.) Frankton v. Blackford- don't know much about Blackford other than they are a struggling program. I'm just not sure they are struggling more than Frankton. Film from last week looks like lapel could have scored 100 if they throw like they normally do. Looked like they are trying to get an all state RB in giving the $ kid several touches. Frankton shot them selves in the foot on costly turnovers by veteran players. BLACKFORD 35-12 MG V. ALEX- I know Alex always is competitive with week teams and usually not the bottom team in the CIC anymore sooo....... Alex 21-7 EASTBROOK V. OLE MISS- boy Eastbrook looked good last week. What a great game to attend. Yes Eastbrook has to clean up some ball security issues but man I'm not sure any 2A teams compete with them until semi-state this year. Not sure ole miss has the horses to hang with these panthers for more than a half. Adamson cleans up ball security issues and Eastbrook wins big in 2nd half. EASTBROOK 42-14 ANYONE know of a rumor that Marty Wells is helping Frankton. I heard he is teaching at frankton now and that they might be looking to him either helping or taking over soon. Just somthing I have heard.
  5. Lookes like from what I saw on film lots of I and Pro formations, looked to try and use speed of RB/slot from last year that had good speed to get outside. Tipton D-line seemed to quick for Frankton O-line. Frankton might have more luck if the guards could get quicker with some traps with how much penitration Tipton was getting. Week 1 tho so hoping for big improvements. Rumor has it Marty Wells (former Elwood coach) is behind the scenes helping just not on staff. If this is the case could be beneficial for this program. Why would Elwood let him go? Program was at least 500 when he was coaching.
  6. Frankton vs. Lapel could be a good match up as any in the CIC this week. What are your predictions? Lapel- looked to handle a former CIC team Wabash just like every CIC team used to do. Not sure this is a good guage of how good Lapel is or isn't. Frankton- I was surprised to see that score for opening the/old field for the legend of that community. Looked like Tipton could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. I thought things were going to change with a new staff? I know first game but I hope they get back to the type of Football otis always had on that field. My prediction Lapel 21-14.
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