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  1. I’m a Shelbyville parent (thank god my oldest graduated last year), but both my younger boys play bantam for TC (way better youth program IMO). I’m deciding between going to the TC game or watching the heavyweight battle between New Pal/cathedral. Regardless I’ll give you my suggestions on driving directions and local eateries (Shelbyville will have more options as I believe Fairland just has the casino and a Gas station McDonald’s). I would take 69 to martinsville and jump off at state rd 44. That will take you through franklin and into Shelbyville. From there you can hit 74 and it’s just a couple miles to the Fairland/casino exit. Make a left off the exit and I believe there are signs once you get into the town of Fairland that will direct you to the school. As far as food, the vile has a few good options. New place called pudders on the circle is good, riverfront taproom (kids allowed if it matters), chicken inn, Cagneys (a pizza king joint, but nicer than most with a bar in the back), a couple decent Mexican places (el mason and cholulas), cow palace (home cooked food), and obviously the chains (BW3, Applebee’s, pizza joints, fast food, etc.) hope this gives you a starting point. I’ll leave the games to my friends who have kids playing. TC was good this year but also dropped a couple that left my head scratching. Here’s to a well played, injury free game. Cheers!
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