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  1. You just contradicted yourself. Both of those have the same percentage (the big school is twice the size as the small school).
  2. Bell curve sounds right but it isn't the case in Indiana. We have a lot more small schools than large schools. With 64 teams in 1a there is only a 260 student enrollment difference between the smallest and largest schools. 5a with 32 teams there is a 600 student difference. It would be a 1000 student difference if 5a were 64 and 160 student difference if 1a was 32 teams. However, the argument could be made that the smallest 1a is 3 times smaller than the largest 1a, while the largest 5a is only 25% bigger than the smallest 5a. Changing 1a to 32 would make that closer to the same (largest in each class would be about twice as big as the smallest).
  3. I think the program should be really good. One of the top 10 biggest schools in the state, good demographic for football, only real competition (size wise) is Penn. No reason they shouldn't be a top team year in and year out. Now, from what I'm hearing, they basically have their minds set on the Central coach who is ten games below .500 for his career and (I believe) has never won a championship. I think he's done a good job at Central but I have to believe there would be many big time coaches interested in this job.
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