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  1. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
  2. It was a good move and the only move for Homestead and Carroll. They could have tried to play as independents, I guess, but scheduling would have been a pain. As stated by someone earlier, they got kicked out of the NHC anyway- and for more sports than just football, it seems. Personally, I think it's good for the city to have them in the SAC- I really like to see Homestead play Snider, Dwenger, Luers, etc. Sounds like Snider would rather have a couple of open Friday nights to play tougher schools and I can understand. But all in all, I think it was the best thing for H & C, and for SAC football, IMHO. I wonder if they'll ever be allowed in as a full member in all sports....
  3. Well done, Coach! Many a life touched for the better over these 40 years.
  4. SpartanFan


    Agree that Snider is a great program (tradition, coaches, etc.) but I've been told that they do get help. At the Carmel-Snider game, one of the guys I was talking with described Snider as a 'magnet school' for football. Is that accurate?
  5. Congrats to both teams- great game. I don't mind watching defense at all. I would agree. Dwenger D on the field too much and looked tired after the half. In the second half, the Lowell offense just pounded them with their running game- relentless. Dwenger had been hitting the Lowell backs in the first half but were catching them and getting a ride for five yards in the second. Lowell defense was stout as well - totally shut down the running game. Good luck to Lowell in Indy! Dwenger has a bright future ahead. Hard to believe this is the same team that I saw scrimmage Carroll in August and lose big to Homestead. Says a lot about the kids and the coaching staff.
  6. If I remember correctly, Dwenger has never lost at Dave Walters.....
  7. Assume this game will be at Zollner?
  8. SpartanFan

    Dwenger at Angola

    Congrats to the Saints. Good luck against Lowell!
  9. SpartanFan

    Marian vs. Luers

    Wow! Didn't see that coming.
  10. Great game between Snider and Carmel. It's a shame that Snider lost after being up by 14. I was pulling for them. -Regarding the officiating, I sat on the Carmel side and early in the game they were the ones ticked off by the # of calls against their team. There were a lot of penalties called on both teams, but I wouldn't argue with how they called the game. That is, they called the penalties I saw... -That 70 yard TD run by Snider's QB was something! I didn't realize he was that fast. It looked like the DB had an angle on him but he pulled away. -I couldn't see the tackle that drew the personal foul but the two Snider guys I talked too right after it happened said there was nothing wrong with it. - But then they also thought the pass interference call along the Carmel sideline against Snider was a bad call. That one I did see and I thought the officials would flag it when it happened. The defender had his hands on receiver and never looked to the ball. - Talking to 2 other guys, they said that Snider had 4 guys who played for Homestead last year- 3 were on the field playing defense. I thought that was kind of funny. - Carmel was big but didn't seem to be a big as the last two years when they played Homestead in the Regional Not sure if that's right but that's what it seemed to me. - Carmel fans (a lot of them) had popcorn kernels in plastic jugs that they would shake as noise makers after big plays by Carmel, whenever Snider was on offense, etc. I hadn't seen that before. It was rather irritating IMHO. -RE the roughing the punter call- I do think the refs need to err on the side of safety. The two times my son got hurt (knee injury both times) playing was from being hit while punting. One was a blocked punt as a junior and one was 8th grade (can't remember if they called anything or not but I don't believe the punt was blocked.) Punters are really exposed when their leg is extended and their foot is above their head! Fun game to watch. Good luck to Carmel and Penn next week.
  11. SpartanFan

    Dwenger at Angola

    I'm pretty sure the Dwenger team that played Snider tough will be the one to show up. They've been very good since the Homestead game, which I think was an anomaly. Yes they were very fortunate to beat Luers but defensively they did an outstanding job against the Knights. Travel and home field advantage favor Angola. But I'm guessing BD will be ready for Angola and will win. I don't think the Saints defense will let them down. (Of course, I say this having never seen Angola!)
  12. That's what I was afraid of... thanks!
  13. Re fake punt: From where I was, it looked like he was going to get the first down easily but step out of bounds short of the mark. Was he forced out?
  14. Yes, if I had to have surgery from an injury playing for my school team, I'd darn well feel entitled to go to the game. Otherwise, they're playing me for a sap.