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  1. Source I know close to family said he broke his toe/foot last week after struggling with hamstring. If true hard to see him playing. East has a lot to worry about on the “get healthy to play” side
  2. Played with much more emotion and heart. Good effort no doubt.
  3. Plus offense with no Dalton and no McDonald is not as dynamic
  4. Listen man. You have to stop the run and linebackers and line are key. We are getting ran over no doubt.
  5. Missing players are a big deal. I will beat that dead horse.
  6. Not doubt. He will be great as a potential replacement for Greiwe as a one two punch with McDonald next year
  7. No doubt. There are others for East and I know Floyd has been decimated.
  8. Just some information. No Dalton Back tonight. No Mark McDonald tonight. No Parker Harrison tonight. Lots of players moving around to fill holes.
  9. I agree but he was in a boot and crutches. We will see. Can’t play both offense and defense in Sectional if banged up. East is down 3 starting linebackers and 4th banged up. Have to get that group healthy to beat Franklin Central or Center Grove or Columbus North. Not worried about Seymour or Madison because offense will put up huge points.
  10. Probably correct but East is really banged up. They need the next three weeks ahead of Sectional to get healthier. McDonald is banged up bad this week too.
  11. I am not sure status on timing. Probably be awhile given competition. . Has played with a broken hand for a couple of weeks and needs time to avoid bigger issue as I understand it.
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