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  1. You know where I stand, I'm all-in....on a qualification system that is.
  2. Wait a second, I thought the key to having a successful football team was to have a high number of minority students who were on a free/reduced lunch? At least I was told that a few weeks ago. So now the key is having a successful football program (or anything program for that matter) is having a sgtrong vision with committed resources? Ahhh no wonder why Center Grove and Carmel have successful football programs. Thanks for playing.
  3. Footballking16

    2018 Hoosiers

    I don't need to run a poll to know what you're advocating isn't correct. You're using the talent composite to justify your argument. You haven't seen me disagree that Iowa on average is more talented than Indiana and it's because those two 4* who are redshirting significantly boost Iowa's ratings. But if you omit the two 4* who are redshirting for Iowa this year and strictly did a talent composite of just the players who saw the field on Saturday, from a pure rating standpoint there isn't that much disparity. Yes Iowa would still be the more talented team, but they aren't superiorly talented which is the crux of your argument. Try again please.
  4. Footballking16

    2018 Hoosiers

    How is it ignorant? Using the talent composite, if you strictly went by the players that were actually on the field Saturday, there isn't that much of a difference. Yes Iowa has a 5* DE that had 2 tackles and a sack on Saturday. But that isn't why Iowa won. Iowa won because they were that much better coached and prepared. That has nothing to do with pure talent, and everything to do with coaching. I've already said that was Allen's worst coaching jobs in his short career. You're losing this argument because if you omit the two 4* players from Iowa who are redshirting it's not 59 to 43, it's closer to even. You keep using 59 to 43 to make your stance and it isn't applicable because two of those 4* didn't even play Saturday. Yes Iowa is more talented than Indiana (actually never disagreed with you), but they aren't exponentially more talented which is my entire point and something you fail to see.
  5. Footballking16

    2018 Hoosiers

    Listen bud, if you take away the two 4* players from Iowa that didn't play on Saturday, the on-field talent between Indiana and Iowa Saturday was fairly equal, especially if you're strictly going off the talent composite which you seem to be so caught up on. Not once did I say that Iowa wasn't the better team, I just said they weren't more superior in terms of overall talent. Were they better coached? Yes. Were they more physical? Yes. I've never argued against that. But you keep moving the goal posts to fit whatever narrative you're trying to spin. Had you just come out and said, Iowa won because they were the better team on Saturday, instead of just citing the talent composite from a recruiting website we aren't having this conversation. But your premise "talent always wins" isn't accurate because I just gave you three games this last weekend where the superiorly talented team didn't win. Please get back to me on that.
  6. Footballking16

    2018 Hoosiers

    Hey now, had you said that from the start instead of trying to build a false narrative that Iowa won strictly because of the amount of stars they had on their roster I probably would have let it be. But from a pure talent standpoint, there isn't much difference between Indiana and Iowa, which is not what you're advocating. Iowa was a much better coached team, plain and simple.
  7. Footballking16

    2018 Hoosiers

    You're moving the goalposts. You said Iowa had much more talent than IU and referenced 3 4* and 1 5* to which IU has none. Two of those 4* are true freshman who didn't play a snap on Saturday and the other 4* and 5* are sophomores. So yes while Iowa may have had more experience, they were all 3* talent. Being more physical and more stronger doesn't equate to being more talented which is what you were advocating.
  8. Footballking16

    2018 Hoosiers

    What about MSU #30 beating Penn State #13? What about Virginia #63 beating Miami #17, a team Indiana beat? What about Northwestern #46 beating Nebraska #26? I understand upsets happen, but you even admitted you didn't watch the game. I was at the game, my take away wasn't that Iowa was head over heels a more talented team (they weren't), Ferentz just significantly outcoached Allen. Iowa schematically broke down IU's defense time after time. IU also threw 2 INT's in the endzone.
  9. Footballking16

    2018 Hoosiers

    Should be interesting to note that only 2/4 players you listed even played in Saturday's game. And no talent doesn't always win out. I watched several top 10 teams get beat this weekend. Indiana didn't lose because Iowa had a couple more 4* recruits (2 who didn't even play), they lost because Iowa was more prepared and executed flawlessly. Kirk Ferentz severely outclassed Allen Saturday. That was not a good look for a coach who is desperately looking to turn the corner.
  10. Footballking16

    2018 Hoosiers

    Glad IU at least didn't try and sweep this under the rug, but how much can a panel like this really make a decision without an actual police investigation? Not saying he's innocent by any means but it sounds like it's a he said, she said thing. Were they able to get forensic evidence or was a rape kit administered? He clearly admits to having consensual sex just believe this should be a criminal matter.
  11. No chance that sentiment is relevant today. I'm too young for the paddle era, but old enough that the trouble you got in at school was just the beginning of your worries. There was times where I wished I could have just stayed at school.
  12. How is not relevant unless you're willing to concede that the regular season is effectively meaningless?
  13. Footballking16

    Sampson James

    Surly Negativist also has twice the work to do and inherited a way bigger mess. Brohm has passed his first season and a half with flying colors.
  14. You could theoretically keep the all-in, do away with sectionals, and rank teams 1-32 in the North and 1-32 in the South and go from there. Seeding the top 2 in sectionals would be the practical alternative, but the first round of sectionals then would become pointless as you're staring down the barrel at almost 100 50+ point blowouts in the first week of the playoffs.
  15. More importantly rewards regular season success.