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  1. Great post, and thanks for the explanation. I stand corrected. I have been told by a few people I know that they attended Cathedral “for free,” but I have no evidence of that and if what you’re saying is true, then it’s likely they weren’t completely honest with me. Thanks for the info!
  2. They advertise at the school and sponsor events (festivals, athletic events, etc.). Just one way Cathedral is different from parochials. For instance, Chatard is restricted from doing something like this because Nativity is a south deanery parish and Chatard is a north deanery high school. You’ll find plenty of students at Cathedral from the south deanery. Very few (if any) at Chatard.
  3. Talking about “plucking” kids, specifically because they’re excellent athletes, seems like a bad look for someone on the enrollment committee. My hope is those kids made their school choice based on what was best for them and their families (I believe that’s true as all are excellent kids of high character whom I have a ton of respect for), not as a result of “plucking” by the enrollment committee.
  4. Ok. Sorry to upset you. Was just quoting your website (which very clearly states that full tuition is offered through the program.) If that is a misprint on the website, then I hope it is corrected. And literally the best player on Cathedral’s team this year is from St. Roch, so I’m not sure where you’re going with the “Roncalli doesn’t have to compete for students” narrative.
  5. My intent was not to confront or cause any fireworks, but rather to inform. Private and Parochial schools are simply not the same and I thought I could help people understand what the differences are. As I could have guessed, there are clearly folks out there that don’t want these differences to be communicated to the public!
  6. Just because you don’t like that I’m calling it out doesn’t mean it’s “completely false and laughable.” I mean, it even says so on the school website... “ Shamrock Scholar grantors choose to provide a quarter, half or full need-based tuition assistance scholarship for a student for the duration of their time at Cathedral (generally four years).” The above is copied directly from https://www.gocathedral.com/giving/cathedral-fund/supportshamrockscholars In addition, your claim that poor old Cathedral only pulls from north deanery schools is also bogus. Your Mr. Football candidate
  7. Spot on. The Success Factor hasn’t kept Chatard and Roncalli up a class because the IHSAA refuses to separate those two in the sectional when they’re both in 4A (next year). Same can be said for when Roncalli moved up to 5A. Cathedral was in their sectional while New Pal went north. Want to keep Chatard/Roncalli/Cathedral up a class? Quit putting them in the same sectional for a big $$$ gate. It screws up the purpose of the success factor.
  8. That’s a good question, and one I’m not certain of the answer for. You may be able to attend an “out of deanery” diocesan school without having to pay higher tuition, but I’m not positive. Having said that, with Indianapolis being the size it is, none of the high schools are close to each other, so attending a school out of your deanery would require pretty significant travel. Not sure if that’s the same case in South Bend? I could be wrong.
  9. Every student-athlete on Roncalli’s offensive line attended a South deanery grade school. This has been the case for at least the last five years if memory serves... Maybe those Catholic grade school lunch ladies are slipping something in the Fish Sandwich lunches during Lent? It’s possible.
  10. Having taught/coached at a parochial school, I can’t recall the school ever turning away a student without serious reason (expulsion from another school). Enrollment control at a school like Roncalli does not happen. If it does, the head basketball coach is confused why the school decided to let enrollment bump the basketball team up to 4A after he was hired 🙂 There is a tuition rate for parishioners of churches in that school’s deanery, and a tuition rate for non-parishioners (i.e. non-Catholic private school kids) which is higher. To put it simply, it’s similar to publics... if you did
  11. I completely expect DT, Muda and the like to read this and change their viewpoints on parochial schools 🙂 Maybe parochial schools should only have a 1.2765389 multiplier applied?
  12. It’s always been interesting to me that private and parochial schools are grouped together as “PP” on this site when their enrollment process is tremendously different. Not sure what the difference is? Let’s start by looking at Indianapolis... There are four parochial (archdiocesan) schools in Indianapolis divided by north, south, east, and west deaneries with feeder grade schools. Those schools are Chatard (north), Roncalli (south), Scecina (east), and Ritter (west). The majority of students at these schools (and football players) attend their “feeder” deanery schools. As a sou
  13. The players I listed did not leave because of any “scandals.” Schott and Lezon’s fathers work at Southport. The Montefalcos have long been a Cathedral family. Fryar’s father coached at Beech Grove. Sparks’ family moved north. Not sure what McCahill’s reasoning was but know his dad was a great athlete at Scecina, so maybe has some ties from the east side. These are facts, not opinions. So “evaluate” all you want. Scott Marsh was a fantastic coach as is John Rodenberg. In Marsh’s first year, Roncalli was ranked #1 in 5A and only dropped close losses to Decatur Central and Cathedra
  14. Roncalli’s successful years and down years are ALWAYS determined by one, simple indicator... are they able to keep all (or at least a majority) of the talent in their feeder schools (south deanery grade schools) at Roncalli. In 2016 and 2017, in which RHS won a state championship and was ranked #1 in 5A, they were fueled by classes in which all of the south deanery talent attended Roncalli. However, anyone within the program at time would have told you tough years were coming. During the following years, Roncalli missed out on the following players that attended their feeder grade sc
  15. This year has been pointed to by those within the Roncalli community for awhile now. Coach Rodenberg is doing a fantastic job, but you could see this success coming without a coaching change. Strong sophomore and junior classes complimented by several seniors with lots of experience. Roncalli was fantastic under Coach Marsh in his first year, ranked #1 in 5A for a majority of the year and losing in a close game to Cathedral in the sectional. After that year, they were really hurt by missing out on some big-time talent from their traditional feeder programs for a variety of reaso
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