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  1. Tied the scoring record tonight @ Delta (which seems appropriate). Congrats to a great kid, a great family, and a great teammate. Proud that my son got to share the field and these moments with him.
  2. Wherever he chooses, I just wanted to be clear the he "can't get a whiff from D1" schools isn't accurate. Great kid and great family and I hope he goes wherever he feels is the best fit.
  3. Not exactly an accurate statement. Spegal's certainly had a lot of schools in to look at him, holds at least three offers from D1 schools, and PWO offers from two Power 5 schools.
  4. Curry/Booker are very nice player. Curry is a 2022 that has offer from the Hoosiers. Booker is a 2021 that has an offer from Cincinnati. They are a load on the DL. Crowe is 2020 C and has several offers including Indiana State, Illinois State, and Western Illinois. Does Carson have an offer at this time? The cupboard is hardly bare . . .
  5. I love the all in format and the blind draw. It has adversely effected the team I root for and I don’t care.
  6. interesting stat . . . Orin Edwards has 18 TD passes . . . Cameron Jordan has 13 TD receptions . . .
  7. New Pal's first possession began on the 6 yard line after a 5 yard punt from Shelbyville on the one yard yard line. This was after a near safety on second down, and a probable safety on third down that was somehow marked at the one yard line. It was brutal to watch last night.
  8. yet would play 4A football if given the opportunity . . .
  9. As Temptation said, there is a stigma against white RB and white DB. And I've actually heard it from coaches, so it's real.
  10. Kid has at least two schools willing to pay for his education to play football. That’s more than most kids could ever dream of. A couple Cathedral fans really showing their rear end this year on these boards. Embarrassing really. They oughta worry about Decatur Central and Kenny Tracy first.
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