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  1. Was some stomping on the Dragons logo at midfield while the team was in post game speech. They smoked us. If you don't want that to happen, play better, in my opinion.
  2. Dragons are just not very good right now. You could say their losses have come vs three ranked teams, but that's not totally being honest. We'll see what they are made of in the final six or so games of the season.
  3. still some bitterness from those two games, huh? Spegal dressed and got a carry yesterday.
  4. Still here. Dragons are very young this year. 4 seniors on defense and 2 on offense. Really should have beat DC, even with a ton of mistakes, it came down to a FG attempt. Brebeuf is a good team that gave our young secondary all kinds of problems. Time to head into conference play and see what we've got.
  5. NP played sectional, regional, and semi-state championships at home in 2019. Luck of the draw.
  6. Watched the game last night. Roncalli looks really, really, really good. Just dominant on the line of scrimmage. They have not been good the last couple years. New coach make that much of a difference? New Pal JV took a mash unit to Roncalli the last week of the regular season, and the Rebels (can I still say that?) have some nice young pieces as well. Impressive turnaround.
  7. Yep, I used to think that too. Or that they should bump up a class. But I'm fine with how the TSF has worked out at this point.
  8. you are forgetting a bout a very large green school in the north
  9. Agreed with all. I think the TSF factor has done a great job. Like I said, the only problem was it almost allowed Cathedral to slip back to 4A, which would have been a mistake.
  10. MV was terribly overrated. They hadn't played a really good team all year. Whiteland beat Mooresville. Zionsville, Dwenger, Valpo all very good. Roncalli may be 5A good though, they looked HUGE and dominant last night. Should be a great game vs Mooresville next week.
  11. Cathedral playing in 4A tournament created the TSF. It has effected a lot of schools. And for the most part has worked. Top of 5A is much better than the top of 4A. I have no idea what you are arguing with me about. Cathedral doesn't belong in the 4A tournament. Period.
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