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  1. this is the best post in this thread Turning down an FBS offer to walk on is probably not a great move. But if money is not an issue (and with some families, sometimes that is the case!) it's not unheard of. The thing most don't know is the scholarship offer percentage to each athlete. It is likely to be very good at an FCS school. Maybe even a full ride. But it may only be 50%. Walking on at IU may actually be cheaper than playing d2, d3, or NAIA. Making a blanket statement that it's a bad idea is just uneducated.
  2. Agreed that this would have probably been a top 5 matchup in the state. I saw Chatard play twice last year and thought it would have been a great opponent for New Pal. I'm not sure how the RB isn't more recruited? Surely he has some offers?
  3. I wondered about the clock running through penalties and using that as an advantage as well . . .
  4. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/12/19/new-palestine-rb-charlie-spegal-wins-2019-indiana-mr-football/2674201001/?fbclid=IwAR3q2O3YVLF3L-Qrs3h05Z89UG1kMZO2rf8XKytSMKaTWoarH5-eN9MwadU Congrats Charlie Spegal!
  5. Thru their junior seasons, Spegal had 1001 carries. Steele has had 703. they seem like very different backs to me Steele is 6'2" 210 lbs Spegal is 5'10" 225 lbs
  6. Now that I realize that DT fancies himself as the Howard Stern of the GID, and nothing is based on real world data and is for shock value, I kinda enjoy it. Roncalli Recruiter made me laugh out loud. Only thing that would have been funnier would be Roncalli Director of Public Relations and Marketing.
  7. Actually IU has a state of the art weightlifting program where each lift is videoed and analyzed. But I'm sure you'll come back and say you already knew that.
  8. very nice, but let's get on the field in a college game first, lol
  9. Maybe a kid's family doesn't make a lot of money, and the Ivy League is a really good option. Or maybe money isn't a concern, so they have an opportunity to try to walk on at a place you want to go and think you can play. Or again, money isn't a concern and you wanna pay sticker price for an Ivy League education. Or maybe being close to home is important. There is a lot more that factors into these decisions than stars or rankings. Ever think of any of those?
  10. You don’t know anything about the family or his situation. Or quite frankly, what his recruitIng process has been like. I’m glad he gets to make the decision for his future that he wants. Who are you to act like an arrogant person and tell him what to do? Or say he is getting bad advice? Oh yeah, just a guy that has “watched his highlights.” I was right, you are an idiot.
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