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  1. Don’t spread a rumor when you don’t know the facts.
  2. Derrick Ransom and Ray Jackson. I went to HS with both at Lawrence Central
  3. Those numbers will never be broken as long as there is a Mercy Rule.
  4. after the trophy presentation and team pic, NP came to the sideline and sang the fight song. And we were able to take pics. That did not happen last year after the 5A game on Saturday night.
  5. I'll be honest. It depends how long you are willing to fight the IHSAA and how good your lawyer is. And if you sent any stupid text messages that prove you transferred for athletic reasons.
  6. I thought Gordon went to court and he ended up eligible and did not miss any games?
  7. Who are we talking about? LOL I'd like to see high school and college go to a one time transfer allowance. After that, the rules would be extremely difficult to transfer without sitting out a year.
  8. I know of an HHC kid that did just that. Moved after freshman year. Went private. He played with little IHSAA difficulty.
  9. Obviously transferring/enrolling before HS career begins is treated differently. Don't really have an issue with that. Moving is the single most important thing you have to do. Moving and then going private is doable. You may have to go through some red tape, but it's been done many, many, many times. What I don't get is a kid that has played for 3 or even 4 HS in his career. Come on man.
  10. I grew up 3 mins down the road from Cathedral and went to Lawrence Central, so I may be biased. Hah! I do think when you can control your student population . . . there is a inherent advantage.
  11. This question every year for 5 years. Sigh.
  12. I think private schools should play in one class above their enrollment and be subject to a success multiplier. But that's just me. When you can control your enrollment numbers and control your student population make-up . . . you have a huge advantage.
  13. I can't believe we are white collar. I didn't get the memo. I'm gonna ask for a raise.
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