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  1. Interestingly, with the new TSF rules, Cathedral would never have left 6A . . .
  2. Michigan City lost a lot, I think. Valpo will be tough, I hear.
  3. I thought the same. Looks like they just slotted Cathedral in with their old sectional opponents Decatur Central and Plainfield.
  4. I forgot to account for 5A not being capped at 32 teams. I thought BNL would head to 4A with Cathedral moving up. Not bumping them down created the least amount of change possible to 5A sectionals.
  5. Didn’t we cover this? As I’ve already noted, they can’t change their conference. It is a great fit for every other sport. So they’ve beefed up their non-conference. As I’ve already said, Cathedral plays a fantastic schedule. Probably just as tough as a 6A MIC schedule. Surely you understand that is easier to do as an independent??
  6. I love that your argument has fallen apart so badly you are only left with semantics and my choice of dictionary.
  7. A parochial school is a private primary or secondary school affiliated with a religious organization, and whose curriculum includes general religious education in addition to secular subjects, such as science, mathematics and language arts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parochial_school Got one, thanks!
  8. I am. Cathedral and New Palestine are both 4A by enrollment. If New Palestine had scored two points in the last cycle, I would also feel like they should remain in 5A. They've shown they can compete there. So has Cathedral. As for telling me that I should feel the same way the IHSAA does, that's laughable. I disagree much about how the IHSAA handles itself, including this disaster of enforcing a rule change at the end of the cycle to some sports and not others. Ridiculous. You also need to look up the definition of parochial.
  9. Mishawaka was in 5A and elected to stay, when they could have dropped to 4A. And you are missing the difference between a parochial school vs a public school that operate under totally different circumstance. And how is 5A not competive for them? They failed to win a sectional half the time they have been in 5A?
  10. Wrong. Again, I clarified that I was referring to the Tournament Success Factor Era. Only one school has elected to not move down when they had the chance. No one has elected to play up. New Palestine has played in 5A for four years (not six) due to TSF, and will for at least two more. In their four years in 5A, they have lost a state championship, won a state championship, and lost in their sectional twice. As a public school with a enrollment less than 1200, that puts them in the middle third of 4A football. If they were eligible to move down, I would advocate that they stay up, if they've been competitive in that arena. But tournament success factor takes care of that. Cathedral operates under a different set of rules than a public school. New Palestines roster in 2019 had 53 kids. Cathedral had over 90. Their schedule suggests they belong in a higher class. If you can't see that, not sure that I can help you or your sauce. I'm glad to see Cathedral stay in 5A for this cycle. It's the minimum for where they belong in the tournament.
  11. Correct. And I get it. It's just interesting that Valpo actually has same number of TSF points as FWS. But they will be the one moving down.
  12. Because Snider doesn't have a choice, as they were bumped up and forced to remain due to TSF. Again, I don't think that applies to teams already in 6A due to enrollment numbers.
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