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  1. https://twitter.com/ACott58/status/1320191548886294528?s=20 Charlie Spegal has not lost a football game since October 20, 2017 as a member of the Delta Eagles. Unbelievable stat. @charliespegal32 @NPHSDragons
  2. methinks the GID twitter account has been hacked 😬
  3. so I just saw that CG held Jordan to 2 catches for -1 yard and 1 rush for -1 yard. also Wooten held to without a catch? wow
  4. Only dark horse I can think of in 5A is Valpo. I don’t think anyone knows how good they are based on 5 game sample size.
  5. actually I think that was the first drive where they settled for the made FG. Up 10-7 inside the 7 yard line, they ran inside zone, outside zone opposite the jet motion, and then the QB pulled the ball on third down and then missed the FG has punting been an issue all year?
  6. Kyle Neddenriep did an awesome job covering this game on twitter. I was watching his updates while at the Delta vs NP game. We had quite the discussion when the 4th down call came up...punt to CG with no timeouts or go for it. That's a tough one. Touchback is most likely, you are just trying to get the ball out of there, right? So you're looking at losing 25 yards of field position or go for the win? Gutsy call, and you are 100% right, Coach Ralph would have gone for it. You have a play you like and it doesn't work out. You trusted the offense to get the job done. And you handed t
  7. I understand the situation. But the fact of the matter is he moved back here to play his senior season because of what was going on in Illinois. He is not the only one.
  8. Wasn’t sure that was allowed here. It’s hard to know the rules without them being posted.
  9. just saw it on twitter . . . notified this week of ineligibility . . . I wonder if this has happened to all IL kids trying to play football their senior season? Or just an isolated case?
  10. 42-0 over Shelbyville? Too much? Or not good enough?
  11. I apologized. I had no idea “BS” was frowned upon. There is a “sit and spin” emoji here? Perhaps I should have used that.
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