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  1. I love this for Indiana football. I think this is a great opportunity win or lose (they will do better than BS did). I talked with Coach Simmons about this briefly yesterday and basically it was an opporunity he felt they couldn't pass up. You want to be the best measure yourself against one of the best. I believe it will probably be the national team, at least I hope it will be. I am looking forward to this game for sure!
  2. Temptation I am with you. I was completely shocked that Hansen was not the Mr Football RB winner. I expected the overall award to be between Bowen and Hansen. I didn't even see it as close with anyone else. I am still shocked by it. Watching Roncalli literally run all over New Pal like no one had done all year, it wasn't all OL. They helped, but Hansen was a strong, fall forward RB. Best in the state in my opinion. Perfect example, we struggled not having our starting RB, Grayson Thomas, even with a great OL in front of our back up. But Grayson just brings sometime special for NP's running game. Roncalli wouldn't have been nearly as good without Hansen. I think his OL would agree.
  3. I do and I don't since I have a personal stake in this being a New Pal fan. Regardless I just hope we are the ones continuing on. Looking forward to see what Roncalli has to offer.
  4. So what about the position awards. I know we are all here arguing for the overall. What about specific position awards for Mr Football?
  5. Their 2025 class is one of the best in the state and they will still have a playmaker at QB even after this senior graduates. The 2024 class is really talented too. Should be a good match up though.
  6. Please tell me not the left tackle. In some ways young, but still experienced because they have were young last year. Most everyone starting started last year. Some the year before.
  7. I get what you are saying. But why do the Indy teams pull them out regularly? Why do they win the tight games more often than not? Is it because their are more battle tested? Since being in Indy and see the history of winners in 5A and 6A it baffled me that Indy teams do win as much as they do as far as titles. Is it because Indy area teams have tougher schedules and are overall better? I curious on y'alls take who are more familiar with northern school schedules.
  8. I know this argument is as "old as time" that Indy teams are better but looking at tournament history in the 2000's and then 5A prior to 6A formation they are in regards to larger schools (5A and 6A). Penn and FW Snider are the only northern teams (tru north, not just northern bracket) to win in this decade and that was once each. AND if we go back further in 5A all the way back to 1985 only 4 times did a northern team win and again that was the same two teams, FW Snider and Penn. So in the last 36 years a team from the north has won state in either 5A or 6A a total of 6 times. Indy teams have largely dominated. Even if it is a close game, they aren't taking the title home on even a semi-regular basis. I am not saying northern teams are overrated, but they have been largely dominated in the sense that they aren't able to win the championship when it is all said and done.
  9. Maybe. But if Penn was even in the game that is still one championship game since 2014.
  10. I would add that for me for a team to be overrated I think that the hype that goes along with that team also can play into whether not a team is overrated. Last year it was an accomplishment that Merrillville went undefeated, but having a running clock put on you by another team I would say they were overrated. However, if the game was closer, then no, not overrated, just not as good as the other team. I am not saying one cannot be considered overrated and be undefeated. I am just saying that the two don't have to be always true. You can lose by a close margin to a better team, even when it was predicted you should win, and not be overrated IMO.
  11. Not necessarily. I think going undefeated is a huge accomplishment. No one should take that away from any program. However, and I know that seems I am negating what I just said, I believe that one undefeated team versus another may not be as good simply because their schedule didn't test them as well as the other undefeated team's schedule did.
  12. I don't believe any undefeated team is "overrated". However, they may not be as good as their undefeated records says. That all depends on the quality of teams they play. I am not familiar with CP's schedule and because they are in the north and I am from central Indiana I tend to have the central Indy mentality that many 6A northern teams are overrated in comparison to teams in Indy and the surrounding area. But that is only because I have yet to see a 6A team from the north come close to competing with an Indy team for a state championship title.
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