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  1. Bremen by 12 over Glenn- sounds like the lions have a lot of injuries but I think they can overcome them and take it to the Falcons. Elkhart by 28 over St Joe- Elkhart should have no problem in this one Penn over Marian by 10- Penn’s size will be a problem for the Knights. NP by 26 over Adams- NPs revamped backfield will be to much for the Eagles to overcome. Jimtown by a ton over Clay. Should be over by the 2nd qtr Riley over Washington by 6- could be the closest game in the NIC this week.
  2. Bremen over the jimmies by 10 Knox by 20 over Glenn Marian by 21 over the Eagles Elkhart over Penn by 13 NP over SJ by 7 Clay by 6 over Washington
  3. Adams by 15 over Riley Jimtown by whatever they Choose Marian by 26 over Bremen St Joe over Glenn by 6 Washington gets by KV by 4 CE over Elkhart by 6 Cathedral by 21 over Penn NP by 5 over Andrean
  4. My not so educated guesses. NP over CMA, NP gets some key players back this week and another week of practice in the the offense will have them looking more crisp. NP by 21+ Penn over LP. Penn will be to much for the slicers. Penn by 28+ Elkhart over Mishawaka, don’t know what to expect from Elkhart but have a felling they’ll be tough. Elkhart by 10 Marian over Knox, Russ doesn’t have the horse’s he had at NP. Marian pass game should be the difference in this his one. Knights by 14+ Bremen over Washington, don’t know much about either team. Bremen 10+
  5. He didn’t have them on there originally. You relax
  6. WHME reported it was moved to Saturday.
  7. WHME just announced Bremen will play St Joe Saturday at 1pm
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