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  1. Add St Joe to the open coaching vacancy, per WHME
  2. NP is losing most of its o-line but are returning 2 good running backs and QB. Defensively only a few losses and returning some studs. I look for them to replicate the success they had this year.
  3. How’s everyone feel about their teams next year? Who are the impact players coming back and who do you feel could be one.
  4. Congrats to Northridge, they played an outstanding game. Good luck
  5. Visitor seating is limited although in the past they’ve brought in extra seating for big games
  6. I think a lot of that has to do with field conditions and the defense they’re facing. They’ve been running a lot of triple option lately and the kid they have at the back position seems better suited for that offense. Mungia running style more east and west and Sinka is more North and south. They’ve been getting the QB way more involved in the running game which has been very successful. I’m sure the opponent and situation will dictate which back they decide to use.
  7. Thanks for the food recommendations. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game, and hope the weather doesn’t impact it to much. I believe whoever wins this game will represent the north down at state. Nothing against the 2 other teams but I just feel these two are a little better. I’ll take the cougars to win 20-14 but wouldn’t be surprised if it went the other way.
  8. Any Lowell fans on here have any insight on how Lowell has changed since week 3?. Any must stop places to eat nearby?
  9. The early forecast is calling for a rain/ snow mix with a game time temp in the 30’s.
  10. These 2 met week in week 3 and it was a great game then as it should be Friday. NP has changed up there offense since then and don’t rely on Mungia as much now. I’m sure Lowell has gotten better as the season has progressed and look forward to another slug fest.
  11. Don’t know why but I’ve got a feeling Penn pulls this one out somehow. I’ll take Marian by a couple TD’s NP by a few TD’s. I like what the cougars did last week with both running backs. I’m sure they’ll try and take it to air a little this week.
  12. Penn beats Elkhart again City big over Adams St Joe keeps their momentum NP runs by CMA Jimtown cruises by Glenn Marian gets it done over Tippy Bremen slips by Laville
  13. Adams squeaks by goshen Kv over Riley Indians get it done vs logansport NP big over Plymouth CMA by whatever they choose Glenn over Lakeland Jimtown takes down West Noble Marian big over Washington Bremen roars past Manchester.
  14. Jimmies thump Riley Glenn close over Washington Marian big over St Joe NP gets by Elkhart Penn easy over Adams Bremen cruises by Clay Is Glenn still “quarantined” or are the good to play. who do you think is the best team in the conference?
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