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  1. May I ask who the new ad is and what happened to the supt...
  2. Hey there Tommyboy it is great to hear from you. A friend of mine applied for the position and has not been informed of anything yet. I was just asking for him, I hope all is well with you and MC...
  3. After being opened all summer, filled 3 weeks ago, opened up again 2 weeks ago, and now filled again; does anyone know who the new East Chicago Central athletic director is? Just curious...
  4. I was curious if they have hired a new head football coach...
  5. I was curious if either one of these schools found a head football coach yet?
  6. I did not know the answer to my initial question, I got an email from the NS ad about 10 minutes after my post informing me... Godspeed to the new NS and SS hfb coaches...
  7. Please forgive my impatience but what seems to be the issue of hiring a qualified candidate to get both of these programs up and running? The kids at both of these schools deserve better!
  8. When God made man and woman, he made them different and he did not say if you don't like who you are you can choose which sex you wish to be. This entire transgender issue is not only immoral it is sickening. Those little boys who truly feel the need to compete as females are shallow and selfish and they should not be allowed to compete against girls, PERIOD! It's a shame that we have allowed our liberal government to rule who should be allowed to participate in which sports or your funds will be cut off. Why don't those idiot politicians worry about running the country and not ruining ath
  9. I'll be honest with you guys, since this Covid nonsense broke I've gone from 248 to 201 and riding a peloton 40 miles a day. Eating better and I've got more energy than when I was roaming the sidelines at Fort Wayne Wayne HS back in 97 and 98. I was told New Haven has the kids that would have gone to Harding back in the day, WOW! This job would certainly be a great job who could utilize all that speed and size in the New Haven/Harding area. Godspeed to the next Bulldog Nation leader...
  10. May I ask for any and all information on the New Haven Bulldogs football program? Are these the same kids that used to frequent the old Harding HS? Coach Morales
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