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  1. Will this new conference still be called the PAC? I know this change affects football only though.
  2. Eliminate these AD positions but then will create 5 new Asst. Superintendent positions at $100K to oversee these new Dean/AD positions. Usually how public schools work.
  3. Rest in peace Paul. Had some great teams for a little ole' 1A country school in coal country. Had some battles while at Wood Memorial in mid-90's.
  4. Actually 9th game was added in 1997 I believe. I looked on Harrell's website and 1996 and prior shows 8 regular season games and in 1997 starts the 9th game.
  5. The more I look at this I am realizing that big school division will be a meat grinder! With Jasper being down the last few years and how stronger GS is and how HH seems to be bouncing back and VL on rise as well as Boonville this is a pretty tough division all of a sudden. Poor Washington/Princeton. They better get better!
  6. Problem will be with the schools in the big division. They only have 2 openings. Jasper already plays Memorial and I would think they would want to keep that and would have to make decisions on their last non-conference game. Same with HH I guess. Do they normally play Jasper also?
  7. I would assume (dangerous) that NP/Mt. Vernon would want to play, Jasper/SR, and other traditional rivalries simply due to the gate/concessions involved. Even though it isn't all about the money these rivalry games generate an enormous amount of money for the home teams. HH/SS would most likely still want to play as well I would think.
  8. I think this is a good idea, for the most part. The only concern I would have for Southridge is would playing the "historically lower performing schools" of the PAC now will that prepare you for a tournament run? In past you were prepared by playing HH, GS, Jasper (non-conference) but with this new alignment would you lose those 2 or 3 quality match ups? But the flip side is that you have a better chance making it through the regular season more healthy I would think. This new conference though still doesn't address Jasper's need to upgrade their schedule. Maybe this new conference does improve that some but in the big scheme of things are they playing the same caliber of teams as Central, Reitz, and Memorial play for that 4A sectional. Not making any statement here just throwing out some thoughts. For the smaller schools in the PAC that have not been used to deep tournament runs this is a big win I would think.
  9. Southridge should be in top and Princeton in bottom, just my opinion based on past performance.
  10. I think it would be neat to have the 2 Division champs play each other for Conference title last game of season, unless they are already planning to do that. Might only leave 1 non-conference game for the one division with 8 teams though.
  11. I just heard the same thing last night from a random, unexpected source. Would take effect 2020 and would be a "football only" merger. Hearing this is basically a done deal but who knows.
  12. Saw on Facebook that Mt. Vernon is getting Field Turf. Looked pretty sweet on drawings!
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