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  1. So I guess a fourth school didn't want in the SIAC and SIAC had to choose who to invite? I thought GS was really wanting in but maybe not. Wonder how the back-room shenanigans plays out.
  2. Is this still a football only thing or has it morphed into an all-sports thing with a possibility of 2 or 4 schools joining the SIAC as an all-sports package?
  3. They could still have all the city games. They will have 4 openings to schedule the city teams from the other division
  4. Not positive but maybe look like this: Big: Castle, North, Reitz, Central, Harrison, Jasper Small: Boonville, VL, GS, Memorial, Bosse, MD Not sure on where Jasper and Boonville land enrollment wise. Too lazy to look it up
  5. Maybe Boonville wasn't if it was football only (just hypothesizing). But if this is for all sports then this maybe becomes much more attactive than the Big8/PAC merger. Takes care of all the sports in your building and creates a much more stable athletic program in general in my opinion. If you go Big/Small then each division in football plays 5 games and you have 4 games left for other opponents. For the City schools they can still play each other across the division line to determine the "city champ" which is important for the city schools. This also give plenty of flexibility for those non-city schools to keep some of their old rivalries intact like Jasper/SR, Jasper/HH, Jasper/Memorial, GS/HH, etc. I personally like this merger/expansion idea much better than the PAC/Big 8 merger. Gets Jasper and Boonville those better teams on a weekly basis that they need for improved tournament success. I am just intrigued by this rumor.......if only a rumor kept me entertained for a day or 2 anyway.
  6. Is this all sports or just football? Seems all sports would make more sense. Who is it? Boonville, Jasper, VL, and GS? Or Mt. Vernon in the mix? Addition of 4 schools gives SIAC a 12 team conference. Could go Big vs. Small like the PAC/Big 8 merger talk. This just got interesting if true. If this is true for all sports this makes for one heck of a football and wrestling conference!
  7. Let's apply the "business model" to high school athletics because it has benefited and made public education so much better. Bottome line is all that counts......profit, test scores, wins. As someone that has slugged it out at some of the most under -performing football schools in Indiana I can tell you that what football gives these young men is way more than what winning a conference title does for some schools. Athletic's value is not merited by its results but by the lives that have been transformed in the process of competition. DT you have no idea what that means until you sacrifice your time, energy, sweat, tears, and your family to give and nourish these young men in these struggling schools. I have coached at the pinnacle (Ev. Reitz) and at Wood Memorial, Brown County, and Eastern Pekin. I will tell you that the most satisfying of my years coaching did not come in the Bowl but in the hills of Brown County, the cornfields of Gibson county, and the hollers of Washington County. You sir have your opinion and you are entitled to it but it is grotesque and smells of affluence. To all the struggling schools schools out there I say keep fighting the good fight! You are my heroes!!!
  8. I believe it is a selection you make in LVIS when you apply for renewal. It has been awhile. I am letting mine expire. I am done with teaching. Working in private industry has been a breathe of fresh air. And if I ever feel the call to coach again I can do it as a volunteer or position coach. Just don't see the "call" being that strong again. I am liking my golfing days way too much!
  9. Don't forget you can professionalize your license 1 time during your career. That is a 10 year license, not 4 or 5 for normal renewal. I professionalized the last time I renewed. Then I had enough and got out of teaching after 18 years and went to work in private industry. Best career move I could have made. Doubled my pay, better insurance, way, way, way better retirement benefits and get this........I am treated well and like a professional! I just could take public education anymore. Not the profession I went into many years ago. Good luck my education friends.......don't think it will get much better. May improve some but once you lose benefits, rights, etc. they tend to never come back. Idiots in Indy make sure of that.
  10. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/news media/2018-19/042919.BoardMeeting.pdf
  11. Just looked at date on notice. Meeting scheduled for April 29th so these are just proposals at this point and could be changed or voted down I guess.
  12. If I am reading this correctly then some major changes coming with multiplier, travel restrictions, and private school boundries. Found this on the wrestling forum: http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/about ihsaa/2019 Board of Directors Agenda.pdf?timestamp=1555440462035
  13. If they are actually wearing gear (which they wouldn't need) I take Magneto on defense. Tackle you without touching you. haha
  14. But what if Lex Luthor (think Bill Belichek here) is the opposing coach? He inflates the footballs with helium-laced kryptonite and takes that away! hahahaha. Me, I want the Hulk as my Mike LB or Nose Tackle
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