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  1. I’m in favor of 8 man football for schools that will put the effort it deserves into it. If they do the same thing they do with 11 man there is no point IMO. I’ve done a decent amount of research for 8 man when I was HC and it can build the same pride and character in the student athletes that 11 man can. Kansas has a great 8 man following. There are also some colleges really starting to take “sprint football” serious (where every player has to be 185lbs or less) Bellarmine in Louisville KY has been recruiting heavily for it.
  2. Rock Creek should. The administration doesn’t care about football in the slightest. They talk like they do, but they don’t. They have no real practice field and no home game field, honestly just no real respect for what football is. The kids that finished out last year were amazing kids (just 15 of them). Not many kids coming back next year either and only a few incoming freshman. The school banks on transfers to come in from Jeff, New Albany and the surrounding areas, that’s just not happening with lack of facilities. They are on coach #5 in 8 years. I could go on and on but I can see them not having a program.
  3. Rock Creek will be looking. I have resigned the position. Best of luck to the next HC https://twitter.com/newstribscores/status/1453394916348936199?s=21
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