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  1. Phalen Academy's Head coach Damien Givens will leave and join Purdue Poly Tech's staff. Givens was the Phalen's HFC the past two seasons and help start the program.
  2. Purdue PolyTechnic High School, which should be IHSAA eligible this fall in 3A, will have a new Head Coach in Chris Chang. An assistant under Rick Wimmer and Curt Funk (2016-2020) at Fishers and Mike Kelly (2021-2022) at HSE. Dante Cook, the former head coach, will still stay on staff.
  3. Coaches, I wanted to communicate trainings that just took off these past few months. The Gridiron Gang is a foundation that is funded by the Colts and led by former players Robert Mathis and Daniel Muir. This foundation allows players a chance to work with some great coaches in both the NFL and high school realm. Coach Chang of Hamilton Southeastern, Coach Mango of Lawerence North, and Coach Malone of Ben Davis help lead and assist in the Offensive Line portion of these trainings; alongside former NFL coach Mike Barry who comes periodically. This training is for all ages from middle school to high school. Locations are at Ben Davis, Lawerence North, and Grand Park in Westfield. Email me @cchang@hse.k12.in.us for the schedule and times. Currently, we can find ways for your players to get this training for free however in the future the only way to receive a scholarship would be below. It is only free if the player falls in 1 of 3 categories: Come from an under represented community. Family works in the Public Sector. 1 hour of volunteer work = 1 hour of free training. Let me know if you have questions. This is great opportunity to get some free O line work. Thanks,
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