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  1. There are still some question marks with this Linton team.. Defensively this could be one of the weaker teams Coach Hart has had at Linton. At times they look good when the 1-3-1 takes advantage of undersized guards. But under the basket Linton struggles, this is where you start to notice how good Sammy and Silas Robbins where last year anchoring that post defense. Pyne and Robertson shows signs of being those tough hard nosed defenders Linton is known for under Coach Hart, if they can play smart and stay out of foul trouble. This team lacks role players, still not sure how they all fit together. Looks like lots of scorers on the floor at times and noone doing the dirty work of rebounding, setting solid screens, and playing tough D. Linton vs. Everyone idk.. Maybe Linton needs to go back to a few years ago when we Defined Toughness. That might sound harsh but to make a run in the post season Linton needs to step it up. Love watching this team play, tons of talent and alot of young talent too. The future for the program looks very bright. With all that being said could we chip in and get Coach Moore something real nice to show our appreciation for his contribution to the program. 😉
  2. Yes just a verbal. IMO Hale could play at a much better program than Indiana State. I hope other D1 schools dont overlook him just cause he has a verbal to Indiana State
  3. Slightly off topic but has anyone else noticed the quality of coverage on sports in the greene county daily world have a severe decline since Terry has retired. It's really a disservice to these high school athletes
  4. And we are playing the game in America again this year!😁
  5. I stand corrected. It would be great to see a resurgence of basketball at Eastern Greene.
  6. Interesting SWAIC matchups this weekend Shakamak hosts Bloomfield- I like Bloomfield in this one by 8. Linton at Clay City- Linton by 40 plus. WRV hosts South Knox- South Knox by 10 Brown County at Eastern Greene- I dont see Eastern winning this game, but just looking at Brown County's schedule it looks like they have a very WEAK schedule for a 3A school.
  7. Id say that Linton is just as deep a team as they were last year, that doesnt mean that they will make a repeat appearance in the state finals, sometimes those long tournament runs are a combination of being a great team and a little bit of luck. But Id love to go back to Indy in late March.
  8. SWIAC Predictions for this season. 1. Linton- with Kip and Lincoln returning from last years starting lineup and the addition of some really soild players the Miners should make it through the conference schedule without suffering a lose. Look for Josh Pyne to make a big impact especially on the defensive side of the court. Devon Robertson is good scorer and an above average athlete that should be in the lineup this year. Linton looks deep with lots of young talent especially in the Freshman class. 2. North Davies They got some talent in Townsend and they also have some good freshman coming up 3. WRV- WRV looks to be getting better with some younger talent 4. Shakamak- The Lakers might surpise some teams this year 5. Bloomfield - Doesnt look like Bloomfield has any foreign exchange students this year, so that means a down year for the Cards. 6. Clay City 7. Eastern 8. North Central
  9. Off by 10 points on the Linton/ND game, Linton scores just 48 points, 18 points under their season average. Coach Hart was satisfied with limiting the ND possessions. It is unbelievable that Slover went through the GCI without being recognized for first team honors or you could have made a case for MVP. He didn't disappoint Friday night either with a great defensive performance and knocking down shots from charity stripe. Townsend is a player, he is the only player on that team though, ND needs another scorer to compliment and take some of the scoring pressure off of him. I can see ND making some noise in sectional 47 especially with home court advantage.
  10. Miner's 8th grade team is a fun team to watch with some depth, size for that level, and athletes lets hope that they keep working hard and get better every year, which probably wont be a problem with Coach Hart leading the program. The 7th has improved every year and Coach Franklin has them playing very hard and they have some players that have a toughness that you just cant coach into a kid. They need work to do with developing their basketball skills. Linton by 20 tonight Linton beat them by 10 or 12, I think. Not really sure what the final score was. North Davies has a really mature group of 8th graders
  11. Lets get this thread going again. Looks like a good matchup Friday night with Linton at North Davies. I think this could be a close game, North Davies has improved a lot this year with help from a Bloomington North transfer.
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