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  1. WetWilly93

    My Week 9 Indiana Boys Poll

    I think I agree with most of your rankings. Top 5-6 4A teams are pretty distant from the rest in my opinion. Same with 1a, 1-3 are pretty far ahead of the field.
  2. WetWilly93

    WRC 2018-2019

    Well since we are back up and running, I’ll start the topic back up. Anything new and exciting in the WRC? A few surprises thus far into conference play. 1. Attica 4-1 2. Covington 3-1 3. Seeger 2-2 4. North vermillion 1-1 5. Fountain central 2-2 6. South Vermillion 0-1 7. Parke Heritage 0-2 8. Riverton Parke 0-3 I’ve been following Parke Heritage because I found them intriguing, but after witnessing their game against NV Friday night, they won’t be successful. Their coach was dropping F bombs and cursing at players and coaches of NV. an organization will never be successful with that kind of leadership at the head. Parke Heritage should be ashamed. Attica has shocked everybody, I think their coaching has put them in great positioning when they knocked off Covington and north vermillion. Covington might be the most inconsistent team in the conference depending strongly on the perimeter shooting., and NV cannot seem to piece together a complete game, flashes of a great team followed by strong disappointments. It should be a real exciting few weeks with conference play winding up. I believe 6-8 will probably stay the same, with FC and NV might climb a few spots.