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  1. You forgot to mention that Oliver Page might be back as well. Medical redshirt just like Ike...haven't heard if he is going to do that yet though.
  2. I work for Prep Hoops, so it is my job. I have seen all of them in person but one. I have seen most of them twice. That team I haven't seen, I have watched four games of tape on. So I've spent quite a lot of time looking at these teams. More than that, I have seen them all play for years in AAU so I know their individual strengths, weaknesses, etc.
  3. Thanks for the comment...I think the top 4 in 4A have separated themselves, and then it's a 8-10 team race for 5-10. In 1A, it's easily going to be Blackhawk vs. BR in the finals. But LCC and University are behind them by a little margin...I think those four are easily the top 4. Then everyone behind is very distant.
  4. Discussion is welcomed. https://twitter.com/MasonHAsher/status/1087136580261892097?s=20
  5. I have said all year it'll be Carmel or LC. Carmel because they play the same style and LC because they are the most talented team in the state.
  6. It won't surprise me to see Brown bottled up. Frankton usually takes away the best teams scorer and makes others do the work. I think Frankton will take this by 10-15. Too much talent there and Blackford hasn't really proven to win against good teams.
  7. Agreed. I just don't think that 5'10 running backs who aren't known as power guys hold up in P5.
  8. I think it will be a very interesting season, to say the least. Hopefully Sindelar can come in and play well but I also wouldn't put it past Brohm to name Plummer or Sipe QB. I don't think this is the year for us, although I can see it. Defense will be really young, especially the secondary so teams might be able to kill us there. I still see 8-9 wins and probably a confusing loss.
  9. Not sure if many people follow Wabash College football. Think they have a lot of good things coming back and should be an NCAC contender, if not the front runner.
  10. Really interesting stuff here. Basketball will affected by this in a crazy way.
  11. I think Linton should run away with it. Like Taps said, ND's schedule isn't very good. Linton is better in all aspects I think and I see a 15-20 point win.
  12. Disagreeing, and not bashing is fine. We are all entitled to our opinions. I don't think that his body could withstand the beating of a B1G defense week in and week out. Of course, no offers but Allen is visiting New Pal.
  13. Think he would work great in the Army system. I am not sold on his ability as a running back in the normal college system for a P5 program.
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